“Christina let me off the hook with the Baby. I just wasn’t into the Dad Thing and she knew it. What with the diaper changing, feeding, blah blah blah…..plus I have to work. Well, it just wasn’t for me. Plus it really cut into my social life. Being a dad.”

Pool Pussy is eavesdropping again. Part of her never-ending research for her blog. Today, it’s soooo hot. Of course she revels in the heat as any cat would, but had to seek shade cuz of the stupid skin cancer sore.

Fortunately, the kindly crew at Mills had erected the shade tarps, and wow! What a wondrous sight PP spies as she comes outta the locker room. Two pool studs doing crunch sit ups (is that what they’re called?). Very impressive! PP had to get a closer look. And she had the excuse of their exercise area being under the shade tarps. What luck!

Hot and bothered, PP can never get enough of the Heat—oh she’s only talking about the air temperature. The two Pool Studs were way too young for her, of course. Tho the Anti Dad one was a bit older. African American Stud. His friend, slighter, whiter, and blonde. Nice pair, PP thinks as she plops down next to them.

“And this dad thing…..it really makes me feel old.” PP scoffs as she smears on SPF 45 sunscreen over her paper thin menopausal bad skin.

“Yeah.” The younger one agrees, having zero clue about being a dad or aging.

“And another thing” Anti dad continues, while still crunching those abs, “I really feel it when I drink anything and then try to swim the next morning. Like last night, I only had a couple beers and two glasses of champagne, but hell, I felt it this morning when I got in the water.”

PP turns and stares openly. Did he really say champagne? Do Pool Studs drink champagne? My my my! Now why she thinks this is so unusual is difficult to pinpoint. So she’s gonna write about it.

Isn’t champagne for weddings? Or girlie celebrations? Like you know, bachelorette parties? It’s such a foofoo drink. Doesn’t seem like a hot muscular pool stud would partake of such a beverage. Especially at the expense of his workout the next day.

But hell, maybe he was celebrating being let off the hook by Christina? Yeah, that does seem like cause for celebration! No babies! Yeah! Drink the bubbly and let’s party hearty. (Sorry, PP can’t believe she just wrote that but it goes with the mood here, under the shade tarp.)

PP is getting a bit hot and bothered herself. The fantasies are starting to take over. 3 ways have always been one of them. Two guys and a girl, namely her. Now, these two...Well! With their chiseled six packs and hard muscled limbs and tight asses and ohhh my...!!!PP is gonna hafta take a break!

Time to plunge into the cooling pool before she gets way too HOT!

Donning her sexy, oh come on, it could be viewed as sexy, skin tight spf 50 pool cover-up over her orange and turquoise bikini, PP rises unsteadily and saunters over to the pool.

The studs are suddenly quiet. Watching her?

PP smiles, as she drops into the cooling turquoise.

Only in her fantasy.

Or is it?

Still smiling underwater, PP begins her languid workout, taking long slow strokes in the purrfect 84 degree water.

Opening her eyes underwater for a moment, she glances down at the bottom of the pool. Why! There’s a party going on. With the Two Pool Studs hosting a myriad of bikini girls, toasting the morning with champagne and …..

Okay, enough. PP does, after all, have a workout to get through.

Though a glass of champagne with the Pool Studs doesn’t sound half bad as she comes to the end of the wall and turns to start her way back.


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