On the Lam at the Pool?

"My daughter’s missing." The Kirby Puckett of Berkeley holds up a flyer to the pool guy as PP leaves Willard Jr. High's dreary locker room. "Can I hang this in here?" he asks at the front door, peering inside, distressed beads of sweat gathered on his smooth forehead.

"Uh....I don’t think so...I don’t think we can hang flyers up here...." Stupid Pool Guard holds the front door open for conversation, but just barely.


PP glares at SPG. Let the guy hang his flyer you dumb idiot! Isn’t This flyer a no brainer? Like if someone’s kid is missing, don’t you just help them if you can? And isn’t hanging a flyer at Willard Jr. High Pool not asking much? Jeeeezzzz! PP can’t believe the stupidity of Youth sometimes as she tries to sneak past them, glancing at the flyer herself, "Runaway Teen...." she can’t read what else, but sees snapshot of pretty African American girl smiling.

Kirby Puckett continues to hold the flyer in the pool attendants face, who finally relents, "Uh... I guess it’s okay....but someone else might take it down."

"She hangs around here sometimes," Kirby asserts as he gets the tape out and starts to post the flyer.

PP nods in approval. If she were running away, the pool is where she’d go! Maybe it wouldn’t be the best place to hide, but she’d at least get a swim in while on the lam!

Now, why didn’t she ever think of that when she was a teenager?


Shaking her head, she scrurries past the line of homeless guys waiting for the free shower program. They nod to her, munching on dubiously wrapped food as she makes her way back up Derby St. toward home.

PP hopes Kirby finds his daughter, but a bigger part of her hopes the daughter gets to escape to the pool for at least a little while!


fancydancer said…
nice work ms. j! love it, love it, love it! keep on swimming, listening and posting so i can relive my days as a - meow - pool pussy partner! ah, life before kids...

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