Thea At Big Al's

Rambunctious, giggling, LOUD, group of African American Teenage Girls careen past the three of them (PP, DHBF & Thea) chowing down on fish and chips, corn dogs, fries and of course Milk Shakes.

One of the girls pauses before slamming inside Al’s, “Is this place any good?”
Thea nods ever so slightly, her big beautiful eyes hidden safely behind her dark dark glasses, murmurs coolly as only a White Girl Torrance Teen can, “They have good Milkshakes.”


The Girls screech, holler, jump up and down in Milkshake Anticipatory Hysteria. Pile into Big Al’s, slamming the door behind them.

Thea takes a sip of her shake, gives a little smile.
“That certainly was a good answer,” PP remarks.
Thea shrugs, then glances at her watch, “I think we should go. The bus will be here in 10 minutes.”

PP realizes that this little scene has no connection to swimming. Unless you count the assumption that those Three Screaming Teens may very well end up swimming in a Pineapple Shake. Or a Coffee Shake. Or a Peanut Butter Shake. Or....


Anonymous said…
Thea always comes up with the right thing to say. See you soon Carol sister,

CJ said…
Yes, she has a talent for that!

PP, on the other hand, has a talent for coming up with exactly the WRONG thing to say.

A talent, too, albeit one that can get her into trouble!
Studio Jameson said…
A little trouble will go a looooong way...yeah!

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