Birthday at the Pool

It had been a mixed day.

Her Ex, the Famous, (or is it Infamous?) Owen Hill, celebrated poet and mystery writer, had rumbled into her drive in his 1989 Toyota Tercel with books by Roberto Bolano. This was a nice surprise! And her neighbor, the charming yet unpredictable, KE knocked on her door with Ritter Cornflake candy bars and a beautiful card of blue night sky, magic bird nest and resting woman.

So. These were a wonderful way to start her day.

But then, even though it was PP’s birthday, she still had to work. What are ya gonna do? It’s not like Woo Woo U was gonna give her the day off so she could spend her entire birthday at the pool. Which is, of course, what she would do.

And so, the City of Oakland would have to grant her free parking for her birthday so she could spend all day at the pool.

And the YMCA would have to clear ONE lane for her ALL day so she could swim blissfully without interruption ALL Day.

And the angels of the Neck Brigade would have to grant her a PAIN free neck all day so she could take advantage of her own lane and free parking!

Next, all the women of Utopia would have to gather and sing her Happy Birthday at the end of her swimming day and provide her with much delicious food from their various cultures and cake and cookies from PP’s own culture, which is the culture of SUGAR!

Finally, Greenlee on All My Children has the same Birthday as PP, Feb 20, so it would really be ideal if she would come back from the Dead already to toast PP with some Don Perignon! As only Greenlee can do!


Anonymous said…
Happy Happy birthday Bigsister-- i will toast you with wine and brownies from lovely Torrance. I hope the neck Angels will grant you good comfortable sleep and blissful swimming.

Love you!


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