Doris Day at the Pool

“Que Sera, Sera…
Whatever will be, will be…
The future’s not ours to see
Que Sera, sera…
What will be, will be….”

Doris Day’s voice echoed heartily through the pool auditorium. Imagine PP’s delight upon entering!

Spying the water workout ladies bouncing in their shower caps, their leader energetically waving her hands to Doris’ song, blue bandanna covering her hair, wired rimmed glasses perched on her nose, her followers grinning blissfully to the beat of the music, PP watches in awed amazement. As she sits on the edge of the deck, beaming to herself, she thinks of how the Oakland Y is just the most surprising place on earth.

Doris Day at the Pool? How cool is that?

Doris doesn’t seem to mind not being in control, so why sweat it? Though frankly, PP doesn’t think Doris is as Zen as all that. In all her movies, she’s always meddling and fussing and causing a ruckus with Tony Randall or Rock Hudson or whatever Male Hunk she’s paired with. Doris doesn’t really embrace the idea of “ What will be, will be” in her movies. She’s all about Control and Power and Trouble.

PP has always liked this about her movies. (And yes, granted, they are movies, and Doris is playing a ‘character,’ but hell, doesn’t she always play her own sassy self all the time? That blonde ditzyness is all a ruse. PP gets that!)

But why not embrace Doris’ pretend philosophy? At least for an hour. And damn the ‘Will I be pretty? Will I be rich part?’—Doris’ mom was right. The future is not ours to see no matter how much we want to. “What will be, will be…..” seems apt for the pool.

This is fine with PP, especially when she’s in the pool. It’s all about the present.

Oh, and keeping time to Doris as she glides along the water, “Que Sera, Sera….
What will be, will be…..”


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