Pool Pussy's Potty Training Edification

Pool pussy is so excited! Why? Cuz she’s learning so many fascinating things about child rearing this summer at the pool!

Why, did you know? That contrary to popular belief—girls are quicker and easier to potty train than boys? NO, No, NO....you silly non-breeders!
That's not IT at all!

It depends on who’s doing the training!
Men can train their sons more quickly and women can train their daughters more quickly.

Why is this?

Modeling! (And here I thought ‘modeling’ only applied to teaching essay structure!)
The boys can watch their dads and nod and spray--gross me out!
The Girls can watch their moms and sit and tinkle--so cute!!!

Now why didn’t Pool Pussy think of this before? Cuz she doesn’t have any children and you know what that means? Much learning about kids in the locker room...quell treat! Now, if she could only get a demonstration...just kiddin! (Unless precious little Stella were to show her...then she might relent!)

So, all you non breeders out there—why not expand your horizons and head on out to the pool for valuable details about potty training? Just hang out in the locker room and eavesdrop. Something Pool Pussy learned from Soap Operas.


Thanks, moms!


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