Oh those darling little ogling boys!

Go ahead, call me a cranky, non-breeding, politically incorrect, child hater, but.....Why the hell do moms hafta bring their ogling age boys into the women's locker room to change? I mean! Do I really need to be subjected to a 6 year old's (I'm not talkin' about the wee little ones, say 4 yrs and under)unabashed staring at my breasts dripping wet outta the shower? What do I do? Smile and say....what? "Oh, isn't he just the cutest little guy staring at my tits? How precocious!" I just don't get it. (Well, actually I do! But that's another blog.)

Why not shower the boys outside? Why not shower them at home? Hell, why not skip the shower altogether!

And does the same thing happen in reverse in the men's locker room? Do the dads bring the little girls into the shower with all those....ummmm...how do I put this indelicately? PENISES hanging out? I THINK NOT! (That would be child abuse, JL observed as we were driving home from the pool! )

So, moms, can you figure something else out? Granted, it could take a bit of effort and creativity on your part. But, just cuz you wanna take a shower, or it's convenient for YOU to bring your boys into the locker room, why should the rest of us women have to deal with these ogling boys? Oh, dear! I hear the wet fur flying already at Pool Pussy here! "You don't know what it's like!" "You're not a Mother!" "Try it for one day and see how far you get!" "Mellow out Pool Pussy and get a grip! They're just little boys!" But hell, that's the point. They're not just little boys! They're little men! And while I like men just fine, I don't appreciate strange uninvited ones copping a peak in the women's locker room.

Today, I staggered into the locker room naked, (Yes, this is usually how most of us are outta the shower), and it's filled to the brim with wet women, kids, babies, strollers, screams! I nearly run head on into an equally naked five year old boy who's skidding down the middle of the cramped floor while his harried mom is running after him with a towel when he stops dead in his tracks to stare me up and down in delight, and I GLARE at MOM, who gives me a look that could kill. Like I'm the bad guy here?

Whooaaa Nelly! Rein that little sucker in, why don't ya?

So, moms, dads, fun-lovin swimmers that you are, bring your adorable little male cherubs to the pool this summer. Let them splish and splash to their hearts' content OUTSIDE in the pool, not in the women's locker room. After all, it's summer! They need to swim. I understand that, but we all need to get along in this crowded crazy season.

It's really very simple. Respect your fellow women swimmers' shyness, privacy, & right to a non-ogling shower and give us all a break! There are showers outside for all to use. There are lifeguards galore to make sure little Justin doesn't drown while mom is taking her shower or going to the potty inside. So, take advantage of the situation. It's okay to let the little demons have at it outside the women's locker room instead of subjecting all of us vulnerable tired shy naked women to the unabashed stares of these growing boys!


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