You gonna marry that guy?

"You gonna marry that guy that comes around here with you?"Sinking deeper into the hot tub post swim, I try to not appear engaged. Especially about marriage. No pun intended!
Undaunted or oblivious, T., the amazing 72? 82? 92? year old swimmer, stares at me expectantly. "Well?"
"Uh...I don't think so.""Why not?"
"I'm not the marrying kind. Besides, he's already been married. I don't think he wants to get married again."
I can't help but giggle. "Well, maybe if I asked him, he'd marry me!"
"Yep! Are you too old to have babies?"
Jeeez, what's with all the pool ageist aspersions this week? "Yes, I am. But I've always been too old to have babies. Since I was 13!"
T laughs.
Giving up on my hot tub solitary pretense, I plunge in:"Do you have kids?"
"Me? Nah....never been married. Never had kids. Awfully lonely though....."
I nod, sympathetic. Had always figured that he'd been married, had kids, grand kids by now. He was of that generation. Unusual. But don't ask why. Though sense there's a story here. A love lost. Or unrequited. Or murdered....
Okay, pool pussy, too much soap opera. It's not really everywhere.

But it is. I look around the pool at the bikini girls giggling and gossiping, making eyes at the muscular Italian boys with gold chains. One of the girls, her hot pink string bikini sparkling seductively in the sunlight, gets up and prances in front of him, eyes flashing. He grins and watches hungrily as she passes. Then turns and saunters after her.

Okay, I just made all that up.

But it could happen.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

"You heard of the book called the Mineral Connection?"
"No..." T interrupts my soap opera.
"Well, I think you'd find it very interesting. It's all about how we can use....."I zone out as he rambles on about minerals. My eyes closing under my blue visor. The warm water swirling in relaxing bubbles.
Till That Guy I've been coming around here with splashes in.

Then.....stay tuned.....
Or not.....
Just close your eyes and drift away......
At least till the next interruption intrudes.


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