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Space Hogs!

“Cj! You know that Guy in the weight room who sings really loudly to himself with his headphones on and sweats a ton? I almost was gonna scream! He was singing and sweating on the machine next to me, flicking sweat and….” DL narrates a minor rant.
“That is so disgusting!” I cringe.
“I know, right? You know him?”
“No, I don’t think so. I think I’d remember.”

“Yeah, you would. Cuz he was so THERE! Doesn’t he know that other people don’t care about him? That he isn’t God’s Gift? That his singing and his muscles and his sweat is so repulsive to those around him?”

I chuckle. “No, he has no clue. People like that never do! They just take up So Much Space! The same thing happened to me swimming tonight. Not the singing sweating part, but the taking up space part. I’m in my lane, happily swimming along without sharing, which NEVER happens here, and this Guy gets in and doesn’t tell me ahead of time and I almost crash into him.”
“How is he supposed to tell you?”
“He’s supposed to wait on th…