Dinky Pool!

“Someday, we need to talk about Sandy’s vocabulary: ‘dinky’!
“As in, ‘I’m NOT swimming in your dinky pool!’?”

“Exactly!” DL’s eyes shine bright behind her glasses, delighted by words and pools. Of course, she’s a poet and a surfer. And granted, she doesn’t swim in pools much (at least I’ve never witnessed this try as I might to entice her), but she appreciates a good adjective when she hears it.

After our workouts, getting dressed in the locker aisle, we’d been the lucky recipients of Sandy’s narration around her latest trip. She’d been visiting family on the East Coast. They knew she was a swimmer and so had heated up their pool especially for her. However……it was someone’s backyard pool. I imagine one of those kidney shaped numbers with no ends to turn round on let alone swim laps in. Or….even it was shaped rectangularly, it was ‘dinky’. Hence the use of this excellent descriptor!
“And if it were up to me,” Sandy had continued after the dinky pool pronouncement complete with reasons why she wouldn’t bother---(“I don’t want to get all wet and take a shower. I don’t want to wash my hair for no reason…..” )she’d joked about how if she were to swim in their dinky pool, she’d at least go skinny dipping: “It’s two gay guys,” she’d announced. “They don’t give a shit about me.”
Again, no one can make a proclamation like Sandy. And I have noticed her vocabulary, but not really noted it specifically in the blog. I think I have to expand to not just single words, but phrases that she likes, that only she can pull off. Let me see if I can think of any others:

Dinky, And such, Good evening, Ladies…..

Okay obviously I’m going to have to go back and reread the blogs where she’s featured. Or have that discussion with DL. She’s the keeper of the vocabulary as the Poetess Extraordinaire.

In the meantime, I will totally agree with Sandy that no ‘real’ swimmer wants to swim in a ‘dinky’ suburban pool. What’s the point? Yet those surburnites don’t get it, right? They think that since they heated up their pool for her, she better damn well partake of it and show her gratitude too! After all, it must be expensive to heat an outdoor pool on the East Coast in October, right?

Which is beside the point. Swimming is the only point. And whether it’s laps or the wide open sea, you have to have latitude.
Obviously, a dinky pool just won’t cut it! Neither will a tiny pool. A minuscule pool. A small pool. A pathetic excuse for a pool.

Nope, dinky is the best word choice! And only Sandy would use it! Ladies!


Anonymous said…
I have a dinky pool. And it is solar heated in the truest sense of the word. But over the super hot weekend, a dip in the dinky pool did the trick. As always, super fun story >^..^<
Cj said…
Dinky works in the heat! Thanks for reading, Laurie Cat!

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