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Dry Skin and Mac and Cheese

“Ooooh, that smells gooood!”
I softly laugh.
“What is it?”

“Just Safeway cheapo lotion. I only buy the stuff on sale cuz I go through so much of it. Between the chlorine in the pool and menopause, I use a ton of lotion. ”

“Oh…something for me to look forward to!" She laughs. "I wish I could buy that stuff. But with my skin….” She shakes her head, resigned? Mystified? “….. I gotta get Aveno, Lubriderm. My skin is sooooo dry! Always has been! Why my little brother used to take any old stick he found to scratch white marks into it.” She laughs at the memory. DL’s wide eyes get wider. I engage.

“Really?” I ask.
“Yeah, well, you know with darker skin, it’s easier to do that sorta thing.”
“Ah….” I glance down at my pale snow white legs. No chance that any lines are gonna get drawn on them even if I did have a little brother.

“I had this dry skin my whole life! From when I was 9 years old. That’s when my brother started drawing on me!”