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A Certain Age

"When you reach a Certain Age, then the Time goes by even quicker." Sour Hot Tub Woman pronounces this into the air, positioning her large chocolate thigh to undulate next to one of the tub’s hardy jets. I just nod, not really responding. It’s such a cliché’ right? That as we get older, the time goes by faster.

How had DL and I even gotten on to this topic anyway? Was it my swimming?

Lately, I’ve just felt like I’m swimming in frozen molasses uphill. It’s a struggle to move through the water. I do remember when I used to glide effortlessly along the tops of the smooth green waters of pools.
What has happened?

Is it the aging process? Is it inevitable that we are all ‘slowing down’?

DL nodded when I asked her this upstairs at the torture machines. “My world just seems to be getting smaller and smaller and narrower and narrower. It’s all downhill from here I guess,” I’d whined, adjusting the weight poundage down 5 pounds from where I’d had it in the weeks before.
“I just t…