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“HEY!!!! It’s 10 OO’CLOCK! Time to get out!”

Vaguely, I hear the command echo through the women's locker room, shouted at us from somewhere outside, but don’t really register it beyond the fact that ,someone, a guy?, is shouting at us to get out. Is the indecipherable intercom system down?

“That is Rather Hostile,” DL says, in that steely feminist way of hers which I love.

It is? Hostile? Puzzled and out of it, I glance over at her. She’s gathering up all her bag, heaving it up onto her shoulder. I’m trying to get it together. But there’s always so much stuff! I’m trying to get everything crammed in my gym bag: swimsuit, shoes, yoga pants and Deanza Kitty Shirt, swim mask, shampoo elephant bag, watch, bracelet, scarf…..

See what I mean? No wonder I didn’t register the hostility quotient initially. But then…..DL was right!
It was weird. Where was the Usual Efficient Girl gathering up all the towels and hollering at us to pack it up pronto?

“They’re gonna be in Trouble,” DL nods…