A Tale of Two Topknots

“All I heard was ‘Allegra’ and ‘Topknot’”. Sandy stretches one leg up and over her belly, then lets it flop down again onto the wooden bench before stretching the other one in like fashion.
DL and I crack up; I note DL’s belly shaking with Topknot Mirth.

We’d been in the Aquatopia; DL had been sporting another fine Topknot to keep her gorgeous tresses out of the water. When we’d walked into the sauna, she’d announced into the air, or maybe to me: “I name my Topknots.”

It took me several minutes to register this for some reason. Maybe it was the journey into the Sauna from the hot tub that interrupted what would have otherwise been an immediate response. Or maybe I was just tired and heaterized from my swim and the hot tub soaking. Or maybe I’m just slow.

But after we’d gotten situated into Utopia—me on the top shelf opposite Sandy; DL on the bench below her; and a couple of other women draped about, it hit me. Did she say she named her topknots?

And so I asked this question, out of the blue, driving the other draping women out ( or so we surmised).

“You could name her Allegra,” I’d offered.
“Perfect,” DL had giggled.

Sandy had offered what she’d heard, (see first line, Dear Reader) and from there….well, my imagination spun a tale of Two Topknots: A story within a story if you will:
Allegra was the Queen of the Topknots. She ruled the others from atop DL’s gorgeous head. She surveyed all of the other more trivial topknots that were under her purview. They were smaller, yes, but also they were her Topknots-in-Waiting. They administered to her every need. If she needed a strand of hair tucked back under her topknot base, they scurried to do her bidding. If she became hungry or thirsty, they’d provide her with tip top topknot fare. If she grew weary from her duties as Queen, they provided her with the necessary rest and relaxation.
Until one day….
A Topknot Interloper sauntered into the Kingdom.

She was sexy. She was sultry. She was trouble.
And she knew exactly what she wanted.
She needed to topple the Queen. Allegra would be Top Topknot no longer if Desiree had her way.
And she always got her way…..
~to be continued~


Ruth Jameson said…
Can't wait!!!
Cj said…
That's the idea,Ruthie!!! Stay tuned....

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