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“You look like a Sea Creature,” The BLN proclaims as I toss my towel down on the side of aquatopia in frustration. I’d been trying, in vain, to wrap my hair up so that it wouldn’t hang into the hot tub and get wetter. It was a losing battle.

And now, I look like a Sea Creature, with my hair wet and dripping down in front of my face in long wild strips.

Perfect. Leave it to the BLN to come up with the perfect Utopian description.

Where has she been? DL and I have missed her. She’s got that way with words and image that only a writer has.

I want to watercolor my Sea Creature this weekend. She’ll be all greens and blues and grays and aquas. She’ll have long, stringy hair dripping down her back in scary sea creature abandon. She’ll flaunt her mermaid tail (for of course, she’ll be in the form of a mermaid!) in haughty Sea Creature gesture. Her name will be Esmeralda and she’ll rule over the oceans of the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian. Everyone will fear her. Everyone will love…


“I feel like I’m being punished and controlled!” Lynn, who used to swim, shakes her head in befuddled disgust.

It’s the new sauna at Hilltopia. The women are up in arms. They’ve installed torturous little mini barriers to all those lie down women. Of whom Lynn is one.
“I can’t sit up comfortably!” she continues. “I hurt my back and sitting is excruciating. When I go in the sauna, I have to lie down to be comfortable.”

I nod, completely sympathetic. We want to relax in the sauna and not be forced into unnatural contortions to fit the new configurations.

How do I even describe these mini barriers? They’re like little wooden poles, about a half an inch high, sticking out of the otherwise flat surface every 2 feet or so. Thus, when you try to stretch out and lie down, your back, legs and maybe your shoulders are raised up this amount. There’s probably a carpenter name for these protrubances. Something like doles. Or moles. Or drolls.

Anyway, none of the women at Hilltopia is happy ab…