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“I so admire you!”

Enthusiastic Admiring Woman plops down on the sauna bench kitty-corner to P. Her voice loud and excited. Her eyes shining (Yes, P can tell this even in the dark)

P turns her head from her prone position. Does she know this woman? Has she talked to her before? Maybe. People seem to remember her and then she doesn’t remember them. What’s up with that? she wonders. But doesn’t have time for in depth reverie since EAW is on a Mission.

“I see you here every Tuesday and Thursday or do you come every day?”
“Uh…no…..” P rises, deciding she better sit up for this one.

“Well,” she gushes on, “I see you and I think, Wow look at her! There she is doing her thing every day and she probably has a full time job and a family and a life but she still comes here and…..” She pauses to catch her breath. “I just so admire you!”

“Thanks,” P murmurs. Admires her why? For what? The Gushing seems so out of the blue. P is sure, now, that she hasn’t spoken to her before. Is the woman breath…