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Happy New Year All You Bumps on a Log!

“So, how’s everyone’s New Year’s so far?” Friendly Young Fella asks the group soaking in the hot tub. PP and DHBF are in Encinitas for the holiday visiting her family. And of course, the Magdalena Ecke YMCA is a must pool stop.

The pool had been freezing (at least by comparison with Hilltopia); PP was certain that the ‘competition’ pool was kept competitively cold for all of those competitors, of which she was not. However, the swim now completed, the Jacuzzi hit the spot.

No one answered FYF’s question. Everyone was either spaced out (like the Crossed-Eyed Blond sitting in the corner, the jets gurgling up her neck) or just not sure how to respond. After all, it didn’t seem like anyone knew FYF except for his two buddies who just grinned and said nothing too.

So, PP answered, cuz, hell, she knew she could at least write about it in her blog. “It’s going great now!” she laughed. “How could it not be in here?”
He nodded, appreciating a response? “Good point,” he grinned, glancing around a…