The Eyebrows Have It!

“You’re gonna think I’m completely superficial, but I’m gonna say it anyway.” Sandy saunters past PP's spacey frantic dressing after swimming before 10 pm.
“That’s ok,” PP calls after her, “I like superficial.”

“Great. You know the Real Bianca? (For those of you out of the loop, Eden Riegel, who played Bianca Montgomery Hot Lesbian Extraordinaire on All My Children has left the show and been replaced with a ‘weak’ Bianca.)

Now, PP nods, eager to hear what Sandy has to say.
“It was her Eyebrows. You know? Those Eyebrows. You couldn’t help but be drawn in.”

“That’s it exactly!” PP agrees, remembering the sexy dark serious brows of The Real Bianca. How when she was playing her Moral Center Role and lecturing about ‘how so and so really knew better than to sleep with so and so’ and with any other actress, the moralizing woulda come off as cliché cuz of course, it was. But with the Real Bianca, her eyebrows let you know that what she was saying was sincere, important and deep. She was NOT superficial!

PP glances over at DL, who’s sitting next to her, humming her little tune, but at the same time listening to the Bianca Analysis intently. PP glances over at her, nods toward Sandy; DL nods back. “That’s it exactly, isn’t it?” whispers PP. “The Eyebrows!”

“Oh yeah!”
“What an insight!” PP exclaims. “Sandy’s just like you—being able to pick out the one physical characteristic that says it all. Like when you said that Ryan’s eyes were too far apart, or David’s neck was too short, or Angie’s hair was wrong (Well, most of us woulda gotten that one.)

DL nods, lost back in her humming reverie.

Sandy’s deep into the lotion portion of her dressing. Is talking about the Claremont Pool. A Pool, regrettably and unbelievably, PP has only heard tell of and never swam in. Now she can’t.

The dreaded sun. Sandy guesses this. She’s not superficial at all really, but gets the sensitive stuff, at least when it has to do with pools and swimming and women. “Yeah, my skin can’t take the sun anymore either,” she commiserates. “I gob lots of sunscreen SPF 85 and wear my rash guard and still, when I get out of the pool, my skin is screaming for moisture. I’m just at that age where it’s not a good idea to be swimming outside anymore. Just can’t do it anymore. So unfortunately, I had to say no to the membership at the Claremont.”

A membership at the Claremont? Shit. PP would dare the sun for that. This pool is supposed to be to die for. Of course, maybe Sandy’s right, and she doesn’t want to die from the sun demons.

Yet, there’s still a part of PP that misses swimming outdoors so much. Esp. when the indoor pool at the Y is complete and total mayhem circle swimming hell!

Call her superficial, but PP still likes the way a tan looks, even though she knows its hazards.

“You ladies have a good night,” Sandy calls out as PP and DL pack up and head out.
“Thanks, you too,” they answer.
DL raises an Eyebrow at PP as they head out of the locker room.

Better than the Real Bianca, that DL is! And definitely NOT Superficial!


the lovely i said…
The pool at the Claremont is overrated. Just because it's at the *Claremont* doesn't mean it has that special pool magic we seek. You know what I mean. I have been swimming there once & it was not all that. So you can stop pining after it now...

btw the Real outdoor pool (which shall remain nameless) now is in long summer hours, so you should come swim in the late afternoon sometime, when the sun is low :)
CJ said…
Hey lovely I,

Glad to hear that the Claremont pool isn't anything 'special'. And as we do know, we create our own 'magic' whenever we dive into a pool without children!

Thanks for your note;so glad you're still around and reading and swimmming and yes, I will try to make it to the Real Pool on one of these long summer eves.

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