Inverness Pics

There's no pool, but it took a pool to get to Inverness, so that counts, right?

Of course!

So enjoy! (Yes, it's possible to enjoy life without a pool, but not for long!)

PP looking pensively from the deck of the cabin between rain showers.

Sunwater diamonds on the old pines.

"We're being watched!" happy hiker up from McClure's beach, pointing at Elk on the ridge.

PP hiking down to McClure's Beach right before sunset. It was cold on the trail down, but the beach itself was magically still.

DHBF on the magic beach. Doesn't the water look inviting?


DHBF poses in front of his Rock Tower. See? No wind!

It's getting dark and PP can't tell what this is. Can you?


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures--hope you had a great time! Love Lauriecat
Support said…
yes, we did! though it went by too fast! need to go back to watch some more Elk!

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