It's a Good Day!

“You are very good swimmer!” Square Asian Woman nods and smiles, the shower running full force next to her.
“Oh, thanks,” PP grins. “Today was a good day.” And it was. Being her birthday and all. She got her own lane. The pool was a perfect temperature. And now, compliments in the Shower. It IS her birthday at the pool!

“Yes. You are very good swimmer,” SAW repeats, then motions with her hands. Holds her right hand at about hip level, palm down, to measure height. “You swim very young?”
“Yeah, very young. Maybe 4 or 5?”
“Oh! That very YOUNG!”
“Yes, it is. I think I may have learned to swim before I learned to walk,” PP jokes, then thinks how maybe SAW may not get it.

But she does. “AHHH! Very Good!” she exclaims, beaming.
“How about you? Did you learn to swim very young?”
She shakes her head, embarrassed, “No…no….I swim as adult….”
“Good for you!” And PP means this. Thinks of her friend Miss WW who learned to swim when she was in her twenties having grown up in Toledo all her life with no pool? No swim lessons? No ocean? Or what?

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter now. Miss WW did learn to swim and swims as obsessively as PP. Well, almost.

“You swim every day?” SAW asks.
“Nah, maybe 3 or 4 times a week.”
“Ah….very good.”
Shy now, SAW goes back to her shampooing, vigorously rubbing the suds all over with her puffy pink thingee. PP always thinks she wants one of these thingees. They seem to hold the soap so well and produce so many bubbles, unlike her feeble attempts to wash with her hands.

Oh, but this is off the topic of the story.

For after all, PP is a good swimmer. And this is a Good Day.
And happy birthday to her.

Maybe next year she’ll ask for a Pink Thingee for her birthday. If she's still a good swimmer, that is.


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