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It's a Good Day!

“You are very good swimmer!” Square Asian Woman nods and smiles, the shower running full force next to her.
“Oh, thanks,” PP grins. “Today was a good day.” And it was. Being her birthday and all. She got her own lane. The pool was a perfect temperature. And now, compliments in the Shower. It IS her birthday at the pool!

“Yes. You are very good swimmer,” SAW repeats, then motions with her hands. Holds her right hand at about hip level, palm down, to measure height. “You swim very young?”
“Yeah, very young. Maybe 4 or 5?”
“Oh! That very YOUNG!”
“Yes, it is. I think I may have learned to swim before I learned to walk,” PP jokes, then thinks how maybe SAW may not get it.

But she does. “AHHH! Very Good!” she exclaims, beaming.
“How about you? Did you learn to swim very young?”
She shakes her head, embarrassed, “No…no….I swim as adult….”
“Good for you!” And PP means this. Thinks of her friend Miss WW who learned to swim when she was in her twenties having grown up in Toledo all her life with no p…

Make ‘Em Cry

As you all know, PP is a big fan of small children. She loves to hear their screeching in the pool, the showers, the sauna?


It’d been a hellacious swim. Not just because of the birthday party filling the pool at Hilltopia with 30 plus gleeful 6 year olds. (Though this was ultimately what set her off.)

No. She had to share a lane with Multiple Kickboard Butterfly Kick Man. (Is his name self-explanatory?) This resulted in the requisite washing machine wave action which every lap swimmer just loves to pieces. Turning to breathe and inhaling huge gulps of water instead of air.

After he got out, Flailing Swedish Accent Woman got in. PP likes her, but FSAW gets on her back, and does a mighty flailing Elementary Backstroke that can be lethal if you don’t watch out.

And So. PP was really looking forward to the QUIET of the sauna. The Birthday Party’s noise level is beyond description. Just imagine 30 plus hyper 6 year olds screaming at the top of their little lungs while bopping each oth…

A New Mistake

Since PP is so pressed for time and focus and energy this quarter (What the hell ever possessed her to teach Research Writing of all things on top of her writing center job?), she’s just going to give a brief summary (this will be a good exercise for her) or a pivotal piece of dialogue (without context—see you can tell she’s been reading way too many woo woo research papers.)in this blog entry.

Why is she doing this besides her time crunch?

Aren't you all just dying to know what’s been happening at the pool and in Utopia?

“Are you okay?” PP asks, suddenly concerned when Dunking Under the Water in the Hot Tub Woman comes up for air, but can’t catch any. Coughs dramatically till PP and DL are forced to stop chatting about cats.
“Yeah,” she DUW grins, still choking. “I put my face right next to a jet and I choked.”
“Oh,” PP nods, thinking how this is just one of the many reasons she doesn’t dunk her head under the water in the hot tub.
“It was a New Mistake,” DUW shakes her head.
“A New M…