That Sucks!

“That sucks!”

PP grinned to herself under water as That Sucks Swimmer shook his stringy mass of graying locks in disgust.

“Now there’s two lanes,” he moaned, shaking his head as the lifeguard struggled to attach the heavy lane line to the underwater hook.

PP’s relieved though. She’d been swimming in the ‘family section’ of the pool since there were no screaming children and smiling parents at 9 pm on a Thursday evening. She swam by the wall. Far away from the rest of the in-the-lane swimmers. Plus it was warmer. There were little wall heaters lining it. Gushing out warming streams each time she passed.

Then another swimmer got in the Family Section. She caught PP’s attention cuz she was completely clothed. Long black pants. Long sleeved shirt. Black shoes! Shoes for chrissakes! What’s that about? Was she practicing her stroke in case she fell off the cruise ship?

It was weird.

So, when That Sucks Swimmer approached, crazed and cranky, scanning the middle of the ‘family section’ thinking that he could swim between PP and Clothed Woman, PP made a conscious effort to swim more in the center to discourage him.

He glared at her as she swam down the almost middle of the lane. His stringy long black-gray locks hanging round his swarthy angry mug.

PP had seen him swim before. He was a Major Splasher and she did NOT want him swimming next to her, esp. if there were no lane lines.

So, when the lifeguard spied That Sucks Swimmer fuming on deck, he actually got off his ass and put in another lane line. Which PP thought was astounding, given that it was 9 pm and the lifeguards so rarely do anything to make the swimming experience more efficient and enjoyable.

But That Sucks Swimmer?

He was pissed off over the lane line addition?

Why the hell was that?

PP thought she heard him mutter how ‘Now there’s only 2 lanes.” Like there’d been more before? Technically there’d been NO lanes, or at best 2 lanes with a choppy ocean in the middle.

TSS got in with Clothed Woman. Began his frantic freestyle. Head lifted out of the water with each breath, vast veils of stringy grey hair covering his face every time he tried to take a breath. How did he breathe, she wondered.

Maybe he’d drown in all that hair!

Or all that That Sucks Frustration.

Either way, PP didn’t care, cuz she got her OWN lane at the wall, with the little heaters, and NO one else dared enter into her lane domain.

Still, she did wonder why TSS man had thought putting in lane lines so he could swim was something That Sucks.

Maybe he just needed to take a Cruise with Clothed Woman. Get away from it all. Jump into the sea. Swim with the turtles. Get attacked by a shark.....

Now that would really Suck, wouldn't it?


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