The Power of the Indignant Lap Swimmer

At hilltop mall pool. Crazed as usual with goddamn families. One family was actually taking up a LAP LANE!!!

Can you imagine PP’s indignation?


So she stood at the edge of the pool in front of the offending family use of a lap swimmer’s domain, fins in hand, swim mask on, showered and ready…..

And miracle of miracles! The lifeguard saw her and came running from the other side of the pool to direct the Offending Family to move to the other side of the lap lanes.

“Over there?” one of them had questioned, incredulous.
“Yes. You need to move to the left hand section of the pool. This is a lap lane reserved for lap swimmers.”


PP watched as the family vacates HER lane: two or three burly guys, a couple women, one with a tiny baby (hope she had her swim diaper on—-PP does NOT need another Brown Alert-—but that’s another blog—she keeps saying this, she knows, but it is)

They grumble just a bit and then duck under the lane lines to swim in the designated Family Chaos Area. (Frankly, PP could see why they didn’t want to be over THERE, but…..they were a Family after all. Yet another reason why PP is glad that she’s NOT!)

So, the Power of the Solitary Indignant Lap Swimmer looking pitiful and perplexed.

Try it sometime.

It might work to clear a lap lane for you, or it might not.

Depends on the level of your Indignation.
And the level of a Lifeguard’s Awareness.

And the level of the Offending Family’s Acquiesce. (A decidedly random variable!)


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