Patriotic Snorkeler?

He was round. And white. And red eyed. And grey haired.

Got into the lane to the right of PP at the Hilltop Y. Glanced up at her to gauge the lane sharing potential. She, of course, hoped he’d opt for another lane.

He was a Snorkel Guy. (Need she say more?)

But wait. He was no ordinary Senior Snorkel Guy.

Cuz when the lane left of PP opened up and he dove in front of her and under the lane line, with a majestic spray of water honking out of his snorkel, she saw atop It….

A little American Flag waving in water logged glory!

What does it mean?

PP thinks it must be some sort of patriotic drowning ritual. He believes the flag is good for nothing except to wave atop his snorkel.

But yet, he didn't impress her as the disrespectful type. In fact, it seemed to be some sort symbol of Patriotic Honor. The American Flag will carry him through all obstacles: the Obnoxious Screaming Kids; the tidal wave making Butterfly Man; the Needy Floating Woman.

Yet isn’t the wetting of an American Flag sacrilegious or something?

What do you all think it means, oh wise Readers?

Please let PP know as soon as possible.

She's very worried that the American Flag is being used most inappropriately.

Or not...


Ian said…
You ask for response so I have to say something...
Seems to me like it's the American version of the old "Rule Britannia, Britania Rules The Waves". Or maybe Mr Snorkel/Whale Man is a conquering invader, similar to Neil Armstrong planting the flag on the Moon, claiming the pool for his country, warning all foreigners to stay out of his lane. But since the pool is already in America he is claiming the underwater parts too. The fish better be patriotic. Maybe he can sing the National Anthem underwater too, or toot it through the snorkel.
I don't think there is anything wrong with getting the flag wet, otherwise rain would be illegal. So maybe he should plant a flag at the bottom of the ocean.
Or maybe he wants everyone to simply salute him each time they pass as he smims his laps.
As for me, I want a turtle flag for my snorkel (and I want a new snorkel too) becuase I think the turtles rule the waves, though they are generous and share happily with the real whales.
CJ said…
Leave it to you, Mr. Ian, to come up with multiple possibilities. All of which could be true. Though, frankly, he seemed like he was just some overly zealous Patriotic Whale Republican (sorry all you Republican Readers! I don't include you in PWR's category!)

Thanks, Ian.

Viva la Tortoise!

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