If PP deletes her stupid Netscape email cuz she's not using it anymore and this email is her 'primary email account' for this blog, will she lose access to PoolPurrs if she deletes the Netscape account?

Is PP worth $9.95 a month?

Any advice/action/comment would be much appreciated.

In the meantime, PP is going to the pool!


Studio Jameson said…
you have ant attacks...I have a hawk!
Anonymous said…
Well, I think your blog is worth far more than the $10.00. Surely there is a way to change over the account. --lauriecat
poolpuss said…
Hey laurie cat--

found a way--not really sure why it worked today, but it did. sigh...

Hey SJ--
and hawks? ants? kids?

they are all attacking it seems!

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