Torrance Pools: Part II: Sisters


Nodding her head, Lil Sis smiles across the hot tub at the Gold Chained Adorned Sun Baked Tennis Man who’d just climbed in. PP hadn’t even noticed him. She was so engrossed in her gross story about the Belching Swimmer tale she’d been narrating. And now Gold Chain Man was interrupting her?

The nerve!

But Lil' Sis, always the polite sister, answers him sweetly, “Yeah. How’d you know?”
He nods. Self assured in his assessment. “Family Resemblance.”
“Ah.....” Lil Sis lets her voice trail off in a noncommittal wisp.
“There’s another sister in between us,” PP adds, grinning. Why not? May as well start a new story now in the Hot Tub.
“No brothers?”
”Too bad,”
“You volunteering?” Lil Sis asks laughing.
Gold Chain Man strokes his gauntly tan wet chin, contemplating as he eyes the sisters up and down. Not a bad gig, he’s thinking.
“You taking applications?” he jokes.

Lil Sis cracks up.
“I don’t think so. But if we do, you’ll be the first to know.”
”Hey, not so fast,” PP eyes her sister. “There are times when a brother might come in handy.”
”That’s right!” Gold Chain Man nods in agreement, rising to a standing position in the tub, his concave wrinkly chest heaving in Gold Chain Bravado.
Laughing, Lil Sis shakes her head. “Okay, well, like I said, if we ever need a Brother....”
”Ah, c’mon, Sis,” PP cajoles, “don’t you think we could use a Brother?”
”No,” she laughs. “2 sisters are enough for me!”

Gold Chain Man starts toward the stairs to exit the tub, giving the sisters one last Brotherly Leer, “Lemme know when the application process begins!” he proclaims expansively as he slowly makes his way up the tub’s stairs, the palm trees waving in the background above his balding head,the bubbling water lowering off his back and ass to expose his scrawny tanned legs. Tennis may be good for the heart and the head, but after years of sun exposure (which PP is admittedly overly aware of), it can wreak havoc on the skin.

“Have a good swim,” Lil Sis calls after him, shaking her head as she watches him amble slowly over to the pool.
“Watch out for the Burping Man!” PP calls out, but she doesn’t think he hears her.

Lil Sis looks over at PP, eyes twinkling. “A brother, huh?”
”Nah, I was just egging him on. I’m with you. 2 sisters is plenty!”
Lil Sis nods, dunks her head under the water, and then sighs, contented.
“This is the life.....”
“Yeah,” PP grins, “especially since we got rid of our Brother and it’s just us Sisters here!”
Giggling, they glance over at the pool where Gold Chain Man has stopped in the middle of the lane and is standing chatting with Burping Swimmer.
Of course they know each other.

All PP can think of is that she’s glad that Burping Swimmer didn’t want to apply for the Brother Job.

Cuz after all. Who needs a Brother? When you've got a sister like Lil Sis to ward off all the Gold Chained Applicants!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the fun story about our swim. I really enjoyed our swims and also my trip to your regular swim spot in Oakland. It all makes sense now.

Take care and all my love!

Studio Jameson said…
Too bad That the Moonstone kid wasn't there. She could have put a real hex on him...
poolpuss said…
Glad I could help make sense of the confusing world of swimming, Lauriecat! (I love our swims too!)

And I'm not sure who the Moonstone kid is, but a hex woulda been just the ticket!
Ian said…
As for ther brother part, I'll get in line if you're handing out aps. Is the gold chain required, or just enough weirdness for the weirdo magnet? A coupla cute sisters... hmmm.

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