Mooney Moods

”Man, I’m feeling it. The full moon. It just messes with all my fluids, you know what I mean?”

PP nods, she has no clue what FRW (aka Daphne, she later learned) is talking about, but when has that ever stopped her from nodding and pretending otherwise?

”And my last name is Mooney (or did she say Moody?). That makes it doubly worse.” Daphne laughs heartily as she settles back into the warm hot tub waters.

Laughing along, PP doesn’t know how to respond since she isn’t sure which last name Daphne really said. Though maybe it doesn’t matter. If she said, Mooney, well then there are fluids involved in this, right? Or if she said, Moody, well then there’s hormones involved in this.

PP opts for an answer that covers both—“Yeah, well, the Moon does move the tides and so it makes sense that it’d move the fluids in our bodies and psyches too.”
Daphne nods. Likes this answer. It resonates with her Mooney Mood. “Exactly. That’s a good point. Plus the other fluids. Like when I’m menstruating, hell watch out.”

“Those tides are flooding!” PP jokes.
Daphne slaps the surface of the water, grinning broadly. Oh dear, PP thinks, is she making a new friend? Does she really want one? It’s so overwhelming. She already knows too many people, esp. Mooney moody people. Does she really need another crazy woman in her life?

Of course.

So when Daphne starts in on the benefits of swimming and how she’s taken a week off and how she’s missed the water, PP knows that she’s not so crazy after all.

Anyone that agrees with PP’s Pool Philosophy of How Swimming Can Cure All Ills is a friend of hers.

At least during the full moon.


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