Daisies from....

“Nice suit!” Liver Transplant Woman exclaims as she watches Flailing Chinese Woman wriggle, with the help of Walker Red Headed Woman, into a bright sixties style daisy suit. You know those kind of daisies that are bright colors like hot pink and lime green and sunshine yellow? Today, they dance on a background of jet black with jazzy square shortie bottoms of FCW's new suit.

LRW is right. FCW is HOT today in her daisy suit, as WRHW snaps the strap playfully on her shoulder, nodding in agreement with LTW.

Hot Tub Mama bestows her approval also, giving a subtle but powerful nod. She’s always up to the task of Locker Room Maven, no matter that she just got out of the hospital after "11 day. My diabetes. My doctor said. Blood in my stomach I cough up. A diarrhea come out all black. But better now.”

And it’s a good thing. What did they all do without her around for 11 days? Though PP thinks that she didn’t really need to hear the details of her ordeal while enjoying the Daisy Suit Fashion Show, but there’s no containing HTM.

“Where you get suit?” HTM yells out from the tub.
“She don’t speak English. She don’t understand,” WRHW shakes her head.

With a sly wink, LTW grins over at HTM, PP and then WRHW before whispering an aside, “She understands. Watch.”
“Where’d you get your suit?” she hollers at FCW, who for a moment pretends that she doesn’t understand, but then realizes she’s been found out when LTW continues to eye her, smiling a broken toothy grin at her.

Grinning her own missing tooth smile back at them all, FCW announces: “Hong Kong!” and then proudly gathers her stuff up to head out to the pool.

Shaking her head in amazement, WRHW deadpans, “Hong Kong? Hell, I get mine at Ross.”

They all crack up, even FCW, or is it especially FCW?

PP has the suspicion that she’s the one who’s gonna have the last laugh.

Hong Kong?

PP grins to herself, thinking how she bets FCW got her jazzy sixties daisies at Ross too.

In the Hong Kong section, of course!


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