Swimming Sheep

It’s a theme! Sheep!

First the adorable sheep in Point Reyes, and now....

Last night at the Y, a tattooed swimmer climbed into PP’s lane at the end of her swim and was waiting for her at the wall to ask if she could share the lane (Communication! PP already likes her!).

Tired and cold (the pool was freezing, but that rant has been done ad nauseum!), PP was happy to give over the lane to Tattoo Woman, but not before stopping and exclaiming over her tattoos on the inside of each arm. Initially, PP only spied one, “IS that a Sheep on your arm?”

Grinning, Sheep Tattoo Woman nodded, “Yup. That’s the Good sheep.” Then lifted her other arm, “and this is the BAD sheep.”

PP stared in delighted amazement. Good Sheep. Bad Sheep.

Which is PP?

Definitely a Bad Sheep. Or is that a Black Sheep? Are they the same?
Was the Bad Sheep tattoo black?
No, PP can’t see that it is; only that it had little Sheep Devil Horns.

PP needs some of these herself.

For when a wayward swimmer crosses over onto her side of the lane.... those horns would come in real handy.



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