Inverness Trip

The little cabin in the woods! Ah, to be away from the noise and bustle of the City. Even without a pool handy, (Though as you'll see, PP did visit the Marin YMCA a couple of times)PP did NOT want to leave! Much napping, reading, eating, reading, napping. Oh, and bad movies! PP highly recommends Jennifer Love Hewitt (as you all know, one of her favorites) in "Heartbreakers". She and Sigourney Weaver play mother/daughter con artists to snare rich bachelors. JLH is excellent in her spike heels and short skirts at doing her end of the con. So to speak.

Majestic North Beach (or was it South Beach? PP is horribly dyslexic when it comes to directions!) No swimming here. Unless of course, you're a whale. Which PP is NOT!

Oh the little elk at limatour. Too cute for words! Can you spy them?

Limatour Beach definitely called for ear muffs! (But in spite of the blustery wind, the walk was lovely along the shore. What a stretch of beach!) PP misses swimming in the sea so. Yet none here for the likes of her--it's only Waikiki's warm ocean waters for her now!

The next day, DHBF explored Drake's View Drive. Winding up and up and up to the end of the road, high above Tamales Bay, there was a little trail headed through a tunnel of new pines that eventually emptied out onto Limatour Beach.

PP didn't make it that far! She had to stop and rest and eat and whine about the wind before turning back and taking refuge in the car!

The Birthday Boy!

Went to Drake's Beach for DHBF's birthday. Talk about no swimming for PP! It was so blustery when she got out of the car she almost did a 'Mary Poppins'. Fortunately, once we got around this rock, the wind died down. Later, eating 200 garlic fries at the little cafe overlooking the beach, the waves crashing, wind whipped and freezing, PP actually spied two insane body surfers in the water.

What idiots.

She was so glad she was inside eating fries and watching them freeze.

The first day in our little cabin, we took a stunning hike down to Tomales Bay (no there were no Tamales in the bay, at least none that we could see from this vantage point!)

Picnic anywone?

Oh lovely Dillion Beach! PP didn't even get outta the car let alone swim here it was so damn windy.

Okay, this was just the cutest thing that PP saw the entire trip. The cows crossing the road! They were very serious and quiet. No mooing allowed! PP's delight was contagious -- she did catch one of them smiling at her from his serious cow face!

This guy was definitely full of Bull-Shit! It was all over his tail, but he didn't seem to mind!



Anonymous said…
Horay for your beautiful trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures, esp the cows crossin--lauriecat

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