She Stink!

"Hey! PP! I totally thought of you last night when I was at the YMCA!"

Her beaming colleague, Wondrous Admin Miracle Worker, twirled in her swivel chair as PP dumped her stuff on the floor and opened the desk drawer to search for the key to her office. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I was in the locker room, where the Hot Tub is. You know where I mean?"
PP nodded, "Of course."

"Well. I totally thought of you cause there musta been at least 8 women in the hot tub and when this other woman tried to get in without taking a shower there was the hugest Uproar!"

Laughing, PP nodded again. It was a Theme lately. The lack of Shower Taking before soaking. PP recalled DW's extreme distaste last Saturday night when this enormous woman, tattooed, folds of softness on her arms, and evidently a cloud of sweat surrounding her, climbed down into the tub. DW frowned at her, held her fingers to her nose, pinching it closed, waving her hand around, and mouthing "P.U." at PP. Then she'd proceeded to scold Enormous Shower Transgressing Woman "YOU need take shower first!"

EST Woman just glared at her and shrugged as she continued to edge into the tub. "You understand?" DW was not going to be dissuaded so easily from her Hygiene Enforcement Task. "Take Shower first, okay?"

EST Woman gave her a look that would sink any Normal Scolding Woman, but did absolutely nothing to dissuade DW. However, instead of settling into the tub, she did turn around and meander back out of the tub after DW's admonishing.

DW shook her head at PP. "She STINK! She go upstair. She work out. She Sweat. It disgusting!"

Laughing, PP had agreed. Was glad that DW was doin the policing and not herself. She was not about to police anyone, esp someone of EST W's stature and stench.

So, when her co-worker mentioned that this had also been a problem a few nights later, PP had to wonder if it had been the same woman or another sweaty culprit?

It was all so Important!

Yet there was something in the air at the Y lately. Much tension around closing time with the intercom's booming announcement declaring how the doors would be locked 'promptly at 10 p.m.', which caused much muttering and eye rolling amongst the women of Utopia. And then a 'cat fight' had been reported by SSW, some brouhaha between a staff person and a member. And now this business with shower disdain around the hot tub.

"...and I wondered, why do they care?" her colleague continued. "I mean. The jacuzzi was this icky green chemically color and anyone I mean anyone who went in there would be so cleaned. I didn't go in myself. Too scary. All those chemicals...." She shuddered, shaking her head at the very thought of such an enterprise.

Nodding, PP had found the key to her office and was now heading over to unlock it thinking how the greenness of the Jacuzzi was another story altogether, but also wishing that she'd unlock her office and find that they'd built a jacuzzi for her. Why one would fit just perfectly! She could lounge about in the bubbly warmth and read papers. Drink tea. Talk to students....

Well, maybe that last part might be a challenge. After all, she wasn't so sure she'd like to share a jacuzzi with some of her students.

Though Wondrous Ad Min Woman was another story. She'd be a delight to share a hot tub with. Esp if she updated PP on all the happenings at the Y that she'd missed.

Stories for stories.

How wondrous would that be?


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