The World's Safest Beach

“Look!” DHBF points and exclaims. “A shark!”

PP cracks up. Of course it can’t possibly be a shark. After all, they’re on the World’s Safest Beach: Carpenteria. And as she gazes out toward where he’s pointing, the water safely smooth and pinkie purple in the setting sun dusk, she does spy the fin too.

“Do you see it?” he asks, anxiously.
“That’s not a shark!” PP giggles. “It’s a Dolphin!” Delighted she treads closer to the water’s edge to get a closer view of the dark fin atop the sleek gray body that dives and surfaces, like a rainbow, up and down. No one swims like a dolphin!

“Look! There’s another!” DHBF hurries down the sand, pointing excitedly. And sure enough, there is. One. Two. Three. All headed toward Santa Barbara for an evening’s swim in the quickly darkening sea. It’s Dolphin cocktail hour up at the Blue Fin Inn.

Sighing, PP grins. Dolphins. She can’t remember the last time she saw these best of swimmers! Maybe that time in Encinitas when she and her sister were sitting up on the bluff one bright golden morning? Yes. Sis had spied them. A whole herd of them. Or is it a pod? Dancing in the golden blue water that sparkles in Encinitas.

This was a long time ago. PP can’t remember when it was. But she still sees these swimmers, frolicking in the golden morning sea. And she still remembers the magic and the delight she felt at spying them out in the sea.

And so tonight, here on the World’s Safest Beach, with DHBF at her side, she feels all happy inside. Corny as it sounds.

The World’s Greatest Swimmers have that effect on her.

Which is no surprise!

PP starts to sing the ‘Jaws’ theme song at DHBF. “Da Daa Da Daa Da Daa....” And then points out to sea again, where the trio have since disappeared. “Look! A shark!” she jokes.

And he grabs her round the waist, dancing on the dusky sand, before they fall into giggles.

“Ready to check out the Motel 6?” she asks.
“Sure, it’s getting dark,” he grins.

But they stand for a moment, gazing out at the last of the bright pink clouds casting an enchanting glow on the World’s Safest Beach. PP sighs deeply....


It’s gonna be a good trip.


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