Capoeira & Heels

“I took a Capoeira class last night and today I can barely move,” Beauteous M grimaces a smile as she climbs out of the pool, and begins limping toward the locker room.

“Good for you,” PP nods, as she follows Beauteous M, noting how the muscle limp somehow makes her even sexier.

“Yeah, in theory, but tonight I’m not so sure.” Beauteous M laughs as she holds the door open for PP. “I just want to try everything while I can.”

And here it is again, PP thinks, Beauteous M’s zest for life. How is it that some people just have boundless energy and can explore everything and anything while PP has zero energy and it’s all she can do to get to the pool and swim her laps? Are such people born with this energy? Or is it something that they acquire through hard work and practice?

Or is it just all a ruse? Such people don’t really have anymore energy than PP; they just talk about what they do more than she does?

Now PP is trying to remember how the subject of High Heels came up while she was walking/limping with BM to the hot tub. But she can’t so she’ll just write down the dialogue. It was some sort of transition with the Capoeira class and the limp.

“Now I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to walk in my high heels tomorrow,” BM jokes, exaggerating the limp.
Laughing, PP shakes her head, “I can’t wear high heels on the best of days.”
Pausing, BM stares at her seriously, perplexed. “Really? Why is that?” She genuinely didn’t get it that any Woman wouldn’t be able to wear pumps. This astounds PP since she knows quite a few who don’t don such dangerous footwear. It’s not like she’s the Only Woman to avoid them.

“I have terrible ankles,” PP grins. “They just buckle under me. Even when I’m not in heels I can trip on the flat sidewalk.”

Beauteous M laughs, “Wow. I guess I’m lucky. I have very strong ankles.”

PP nods. Yeah, and that’s not all that’s Strong about you. But she doesn’t say this. It’s so obvious. Beauteous M has that wonderful Strong Swim Stroke that just plows through the water with energetic determination. PP envies her this strength. Knows that she probably has this in more facets of her life than just swimming and ankles. That her job must demand it to deal with the insane inmates from PP can’t remember where as a Therapist.

Now easing into the Hot Tub and wading through the Anti-Mom Talk (how refreshing PP thinks—they’re talking about having a ‘Talk Show” of 30 something Women without kids instead of all the usual ‘My kid this…. my kid that’ talk that dominates Utopia), Beauteous M shakes her head, rolls her eyes and grins over at PP.

“How’s this feel on the Capoeira Muscles?” PP asks.
“Delicious,” Beauteous M answers, sinking into the warm bubbles. “Tomorrow I think I’ll take another class even.”

Nodding, PP sinks into the tub herself, trying to absorb some of Beauteous M’s Strength thro the warm, energy reviving waters of the hot tub.

As for Capoeira?

PP giggles at the image of the Beauteous M in high heels limping into a therapy session but still all power and determination.

High Heels can do this, she’s heard.

But for PP, she’ll stick to her flippers. This is where her Power flies from.


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