6 days.....

“6 days….” She sighs, smiling mysteriously, settling into the bubbly warmth of the hot tub. PP smiles back at her. 6 days? What the hell is she talking about? She’s been able to do her workout here at the Y 6 days in a row? Or it’s 6 days till her birthday? Or 6 days is the magical number for when the world changes?

And yes, this is precisely it when PP questions her, “6 days till what?” she asks.
“6 more days till the Inauguration.”

”Ah….” Of course. Duh. PP shoulda known this, esp. as she sees now that it’s Pantie Pundit she’s talking to, with her gaped teeth and bright eyes. Readers may remember how Pantie Pundit had held court a few months back about Obama and his father. How they’d only met once when Barack was 10 and how this had been such a pivotal influence upon him.

So tonight, with the 6 days pronouncement echoing in the air, PP nods in agreement. The Inauguration. Yes, everything will change, right? Right? Right?

PP is dubious. But this is her innate pessimism shinning through. She just can’t wrap her mind around anything changing for the better lately. Not the new presidential regime and all the hopeful ramifications around it. Not the stupidity of her job situation. Not the chaos in the pool. (Though tonight it had been blissfully calm. Why? Who knew. But she was just glad that everyone had gone off Oprah’s Wagon so soon!)

“Hillary is my Girl. Look at her now!” Pantie Pundit was onto another political favorite. DL later had commented on how she loved the fact that Pantie Pundit has called Hillary ‘Her Girl’. And yes, PP had to agree. They were all Sisters.

“Yeah, she don’t take no shit,” Dyed Blonde Woman nodded.
“You got that. How many women would take back their man for the kind of sexual transgressions he enacted upon her! And not just once.”

DL had climbed into the tub by now, her eyes wide with delight at the Hot Tub chatter as usual.

“And now the Leap Year, it’s Woman’s Year!” Pantie Pundit announced.
“Really?” PP asked. “I didn’t know that Leap Year was Woman’s year.”
”Me neither. They said so.”
PP stared at her for a moment.
“The news people,” Pantie Pundit clarified.
“Ah…” PP nodded. Of course the news media was a reliable source.

Yet,was this year a leap year? She had no idea. She’d hafta look at a calendar to double check. But then if it really were Woman’s Year, then why hadn’t “Her Girl”, Hillary, won the election?

“You should teach a class in East Africa Dance!” Pantie Pundit and crew had moved into Utopia where Diabetes Woman was resting. Evidently, she was an expert in East African Dance.
“Yeah,” PP joined in. “I’d take your class.” This was a hilarious idea since PP can’t dance at all. But she’d give it a try for Diabetes Woman.

And the story.

“Yeah,” PP enthused.
“She is so talented!” Pantie Pundit nodded, pointing over at DW who would’ve blushed if it weren’t so dark in Utopia.
“I believe it,” PP has nodded.
“Will you come, too?” Pantie Pundit had asked DL.
“I’ll try to. Usually I can’t make it on Fridays, but I’ll try.”
“Good! There, you see! You have a class.”

DW nodded, pleased. It was set. 8 pm on Friday. She’d bring her music. They’d take over the mind/spirit studio. It’d be a party.

PP can’t wait till Friday.

By then it will only be 4 days.
Would her frame of mind change by then?
Would Her Girl help with this?

Nah, PP thinks not.

Though the prospect of learning even one move of East Africa Dance did cheer her considerably.

Esp. if DL came too!


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