Mary Anderson Center Pics

Dear Readers,

Here are the blurry (& small--sorry--use your expansive imaginations!) cell phone pics (thanks to Dashingly Handsome Boyfriend's Patience with the process!) of PP's residency in NO particular order--she's feeling organizationally challenged since her return.

So, enjoy!

The Ghost Story is coming!

The famous (or stupid!) NO Swimming in the Lake except with a Franciscan Friar sign!

Ghost Art in the bathroom. There's a good story here--more coming!

Bunny that PP rescued from the depths of the basement to come live in her airy room!

Ghost Art--PP needs to post this story. You want it, yes?

Green Chair where PP wrote her blog!

View from PP's room. Very inspiring!

Crooked pic of Lotus House--PP had had too much coffee!(& it was her first attempt at the cell phone pic apparatus!)

Prairie at dusk--PP got very lost!

Pretty pond at dusk--but watch out for the mosquitoes!

Maybe there's a turtle hiding in the black and white? Maybe...

Is there a little turtle hiding in this pic? see him? on the log? very shy....

View from the Big Barn--crazy artist worked in here who sculpted huge purple, green and red people outta fiberglass--PP wishes she had a pic of them!

View from PP's room.

PP tries to be flower arty--hard to do with a cell phone!

Can you spy the cicada person? (Neither can PP)

Is there a snake hiding in the black and white?

Angel of the Lake--PP dubbed her Lady Cora after Lady Glencora in Trollope's Eustace Diamonds

Better not throw any vermin in the lake unless it came out of the lake! But then how did it get out of the lake and back into the lake and then .....

The Angel of the Lake--She's PP's Protector!

Blurry Picture of LaFonna and Molly (PP hadn't had her coffee yet!)

Fall Red Leaf at the Snake Lake

Lovely woods round Snake Lake

Where the snake lives.....???? (suitably yucky for a snake, don't ya think?)


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