Black Panty Pundit 30 Minute Infomercial

"Did you ladies happen to catch Barack's 30 minute infomercial?" Black Panty Political Pundit asked into the hot tub air.
DL, PP and Bleached Blonde African American Woman all shook their heads, "Darn!" PP exclaimed. "I was at work!"
"Was it good?" DL asked as BBAAW sunk deeper into the hot tub's bubbly warmth.
"You know. It was. Very good. You know they said that he would have nothing new to say, but I didn't find this to be so."
"Really?" PP asked, intrigued. What else could he say at this point? Well, now, BPPP was gonna tell her. Thanks goodness for the YMCA Hot Tub Political Updates!

"Yes Ma'am. What he said he was gonna do was touch our Hearts."
"And did he?" DL asked.
"Yes. He did." She paused for a moment, near tears before continuing. "And you know how he did this?"
"No," DL encouraged.
"He talked about his father. And here's a detail that I never knew. Did you know that he only met his father once? And that was only for 30 days."
"Wow!" PP exclaimed. "I never knew that."

"Me neither. And what this did for him is shape him into the man he is today. Some people, they woulda gone another direction. But for Barack, it's what made him want to make that sacrifice. To be president. To give back. To sacrifice himself. His family and his children."

"That's what I like about him," BBAAW piped in. "He weren't given no Gift Package. He's like some of us who were raised in a single parent Gift Package for that's not the term...." She paused, frowning as she searched for the correct term.

"I like Gift Package," PP nodded. Indeed she did. She never got a Gift Package so this made her like Barack even more.
"No, I don't mean that. I mean...Trust Fund. That's it!" BBAAW exclaimed, pleased at retrieving the term.

"Oh..." PP laughed along with the rest of the women in the tub. Though she still liked Gift Package. It had a nice political ring to it. All those politicians and their Gift Packages! What's up with that? Why did they get all those packages filled with the 3 million dollar condos, Lear jets (is that still a gift item?), vacations to the Bahamas, expensive dinners out?

Why, it was good to know that Barack wasn't a part of the Gift Package Circuit!

"And you know what else?" BPPW stood up in the hot tub her gap in her front teeth distracting PP from her message just a little. "He said he could only make one promise. And we hear how politicians are always makin promises."
"You can say that again!" BBAAW harrumphed.

"Politicians are ALWAYS making promises!" BPPW repeated. "But Barack, he said he could only make one promise that he could keep and that was the promise to listen...." Here she paused dramatically, holding all the hot tub women's attention, “and to HEAR!" She pointed to her ears and nodded emphatically as they all tried to digest this distinction.

For it was. A distinction. Someone can hear, but they don't listen. Or someone can listen but they don't hear.

You'd think it was one and the same. But it's not.

Esp. when BPPW was pontificating. And all the women in the hot tub. Listened.
And heard.
About Barack.
About Promises.

But mostly about how one woman, in her black panties and her impassioned speech, can hold an audience rapt for her own 30 minute infomercial.


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