Subtexts in the Butt

"Ohmygod, PP! You’re not gonna believe what I just saw!!!”

Emerging from the potty, PP grinned. So much excitement and she’d just gotten here!
DL leaned into her as they headed out of the locker room and upstairs to the ‘ball room’, whispering into her ear, “I saw a woman with a 3rd Butt!”
“Yeah, she had 3 butts!”
“But…….? PP’s voice trailed off, damn! She missed so much by peeing all the time. She’d never seen 3 butts and frankly maybe she didn’t want to. But still, it must have been astonishing!
“There was her regular butt,” DL continued, trying to describe through the giggles, “and then there was this 3rd butt on top of the regular butt…..and…..”

They’d made it up the stairs to the ballroom to stretch, where DL broke down into uncontrollable giggles. PP slouched down with her, the big green ball rolling away.
“I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the concept….” PP murmured between giggle gasps.
“Hey! Too much laughing. No laughing allowed!” Some Weirdo Guy of course had picked up on their nonathletic mirth.
“It’s actually very…..” DL tried to explain but then started laughing again.
“Aerobic?” he interjected.
“Yeah,” PP laughed, holding her sides, as she went to retrieve the green ball to begin her knee bends.

Later, back in Utopia, PP tried to see if the 3 butted woman was around, but no luck. It was all the usual suspects. Diabetes Woman showing DL how to do 'Africa Dance'. “You move your neck like this,” she demonstrated with snaky Egyptian movements. DL gave it the ol’ Utopian Try, and it looked pretty good to PP who can’t dance at all, but PP could tell that it didn’t really have that African Flavor.

Oh, Utopia! Why couldn’t they all just stay there all the time! It was so amusing and entertaining and relaxing. PP voiced this desire, and Dyed Blonde African American Pudding Princess sighed deeply, rolling over on her side, “I always had this idea that if I ever got married again, I’d have my wedding party at the YMCA!”

“What a cool idea!” PP jumped on this one. A wedding at the Y! How perfect would that be. All the wedding party could do their separate workouts that they enjoyed after the ceremony was held in the Pool of course. Those that wanted to do the torture machines could head upstairs. Those that wanted to run the track could jog in their high heels. Those that wanted to just hang out in Utopia, drinking Champagne and downing wedding cake could do just that!

“But I just don’t know if that’s in the cards for me again,” DBAAW sighed again, wistful. “I already got married once. In Reno. It was a mistake. Well, I shouldn’t actually say it like that. I mean I did get my daughter out of it. But ….”
“A daughter?” PP interrupted, “that’s a good thing, yes?”
“Most the time…..”
“How old is she?
“That’s a fun age!
DAAW laughed loudly.
“You can tell I’m not a mom, just an auntie!” PP grinned.
“Oh, yeah, you just give them all those noisy toys and then leave them to us!” DBAAW waved her aside.
“Yeah, my sister must really hate me for spoiling my niece with all those goddamn stuffed dogs from Sweet Dreams.”
”I bet!”
“Oh, am I in the way?" PP asked as Breast Pumping Woman slid elegantly into Utopia, settling in on the row above PP, her eyes shinning, her breasts at the ready.
“No. no, you are fine…," she smiled shyly at PP, as she shifted on her towel.

Glancing over at PP, she couldn't stop staring at the top of PP's head, her eyes lighting on PP’s hair, which because the pool was closed for the stupid annual cleaning was clipped into a spastic golden spray of curls atop her hair.
“Your hair…..” BPPW finally murmured. “It is very beautiful. The color….it is very beautiful.....”

”Oh, yeah,” PP giggled, “that’s right. You don’t usually see it dry. I’m usually all wet from the pool."
“It is very beautiful….” BPW murmured again, staring transfixed at the golden mass of locks piled high.

Later, when DL and PP were walking back to the Geo, processing the 3rd butt woman among other things, DL glanced over at PP, her eyes shining with that wicked Lesbian Lust. “She likes you!” she nodded, referring to BBW.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, it’s all coming together for me now. Whenever I go to Utopia and you’re not there, she always asks me, ‘Where is your friend?’ and I’d never put it together before but tonight with your hair. Did you see her blush?”

Damn! PP is so stupid and clueless when it comes to Lesbian Lust. And BPW is so cute! To think that someone that young and cute could have a crush on her! Why it seemed impossible!

“Really? Wow! I’m so flattered!” It was PP’s turn to blush now.

“Yeah, there’s a Subtext!” DL announced as they climbed into the Geo.
A subtext? Damn. PP is so goddamn stupid about subtexts. She’s all about the Text itself. So superficial of her she knows, and hell, she misses out on lots of Lesbian Lust this way, but what to do?

She just needs to broaden her perspective. Read beneath the surface. See people at more than face value. Everyone had their own perspective subtexts:

There was the Lesbian Italian Subtext.
The Asian Girl desire for Blondness Subtext.
The 3rd Butt Subtext for the 1st and 2nd butt.
The YMCA wedding subtext of really not wanting to workout, but just party and fuck.

But did asking about PP's hair, really demonstrate this subtext of lesbian lust as DL claimed? PP is still dubious about this one. She thinks it might just be that Asian Fascination with the Blondness. Or DL's Lesbian Italian Personal Subtext of everyone is a lesbian and everyone wants to have sex!

Though this could be a Subtext of something too?

Couldn't it?
Nah. Now PP is going the opposite extreme and reading TOO much into it.
Time to turn the page, and head on home before those texts come back to bite her.
In the butt!


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