Monk Ghost Take II

"Did you ever hear about the Monk Ghost?"
PP nods, wondering if it's the same Monk Ghost that Molly had told her about. Maybe, maybe not. She's gonna go for not just to hear the story. Even if it's the same story, it'll be LaFonna's version.

"Well, every summer these Jr. High School kids come up from Ketuckiana and stay over at the dorms at the friary and every summer, they hang out at the lake and Brother Bob plays this trick on them...."

PP thinks, how of course he does. BB is so goddamn evil. She's sure he has many devious torturous Christian tricks up his robe!

"You know how the lake has that dam down the middle?"
"It does?" PP has seen the dam at the end of the lake where the snake lives, but not another dam.
"Yeah, if you look you can see this wall down the middle of the lake. It's a few feet under the surface."
"The lake used to end there," Cigarette Smoking Board Member offers as he flings another butt onto the grass. PP frowns at this crass behaviour but fortunately, or unfortunately, it's too dark for him to see her.

"Right...." LaFonna takes another gulp of wine. "So, anyway, every summer these kids are here, and BB goes down to the lake, dressed in a white robe instead of his usual black one, and he goes to the far side of the lake and walks across that little dam wall and the kids screech like hell. They think he's a GHOST! They think he's fuckin' Jesus Walking on Water!"

PP nods, well well well. Maybe it was BB that she saw the other night down on the dock pretending to be a ghost to freak her out.

She certainly wouldn't put it past him. He's so evil.

"That seems a little mean," PP observes as LaFonna and Cigarette Flinging man crack up.
"No it's NOT!" LaFonna slaps her thick thigh. "Those kids deserve to get the shit scared outta them. They're such a goddamn pain all day long. BB is just payin 'em back for all their fuckin' round they've been doin all day!"

They laugh again, and PP hasta admit that it is kinda funny. But on the other hand, aren't these 'Brothers' supposed to be all about love and caring and honesty and other such heartfelt Christian Values? Is dressing up like a Monk Ghost to scare the hell outta a bunch of teenagers, no matter how deserving, really part of the Lord's Plan for his Servants?

PP thinks not. But then she thinks NOT a lot about this BB....

Esp when it comes to the lake. He has time to dress up like a ghost and scare teens but no time to swim with her?

Maybe she just needs to act like a teenage girl and throw a huge tantrum and scream and cry and.....

Yup, PP can do that.
Watch out BB cause here comes the 50 year old teenager from hell!


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