The Ghost Monk

“I saw a ghost last night when I was down at the lake," PP offers after listening to Molly's Artist Ghost Story, which is definitely another blog.
“You did?” Molly’s eyes are wide behind her thick glasses as she takes another bite of oatmeal.
“Yeah....I mean, I dunno....” PP tries to laugh it off, but part of her really does believe that she saw a ghost on the dock.
“What did it look like?” Molly’s a great audience. But maybe she’s not awake yet.
“Well, it was tall and floating and ....”
”Was it a man or a woman? Could you tell?”
“ was just a figure and it looked like it was in a white robe and.....”
“Have you heard the story about the Ghost Monk?” Molly asks, completely serious.
“No....” This is even better than PP had hoped for. A Ghost Monk. How validating would that be?

” of the artists who stayed here said that he was down by the lake and he heard this voice and he couldn’t really understand exactly what the voice said, but whatever it was, it made him get down on his knees and pray!”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, he said that the voice was right next to him on the dock when he was down there one night and it was really real, and then when he was down on his knees, something made him turn to look to his right or his left I can’t remember which, and he saw this white figure in a robe, a monk’s robe he said he was pretty sure it was a monk’s robe and then later we found out that a long time ago, I don’t know how long ago, but a monk died or drowned in the lake and so this artist, I think his name was Steve, said yeah, that musta been the Ghost Monk that he heard and then saw when he was down there....”

“Wow....” PP takes a big gulp of her coffee and a bite of bagel and mulls this most illuminating info over. If it’s true, she thinks, well then that would explain why she saw the ghost the other night. would also clearly help her out with her swimming dilemma. Cuz if the lake is inhabited by this Ghost Monk, that means that there’s ALWAYS a friar in the lake, and voila! All of a sudden, she can go swimming anytime.

The sign only says 'NO Swimming except with a Franciscan Friar'.
It doesn’t say 'NO Swimming except with a LIVE Franciscan Friar'.
So take that Brother Bob!

Now PP has no qualms about swimming without one of His friars.

And swimming with the Ghost Monk?
Does she have the courage to brave this?

Hell yeah!


Ian said…
Now you've got us all worried... again the darned suspence... I mean we're all rooting for you to get your lake swim... but the snakes?... and then the ghost monk? I mean how can a ghost lifeguard help if the snakes... I mean it doesn't sound very safe after all... and PP being so bold and daring... and... oh, please at least take some fellow artist with you if and when you take the plunge... eek!!!
lovely I said…
yes, i agree you must swim accompanied by a partner in crime! at the very least, have your lookout posted on the shore as you swim.
Pia said…
Interesting to know.

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