A Most Popular Olympic Event

"Why you laughing at me?" Pumping Breast Woman continued to pump, her breasts doing their wildly exciting maneuvers. PP had made the fatal error of glancing over at DL when the pumping first commenced. DL had given her one of those wide-eyed grinning looks of delighted incredulity.

PP had started to crack up. She couldn't help it.

But now. Oh dear! Had she hurt PBW's feelings or offended her? Would her laughing transgression prevent PBW from practicing her pumping?

Woe oh woe this would be.

PP had to find a way to soothe.

"I didn't mean to laugh. I just am still amazed at your abilities to....."
DL chimed in. "You are really very good at THAT!"

Eyeing them both, BPW broke into a dazzling smile. "It should be a new event in the Olympics!"

They all laughed. What a wonderful idea! Breast Pumping Gyrations as an Olympic event! How would it be scored? By the number and speed and endurance of the participants? Would it then be multiplied by the difficulty level based on the above?

And the judges! Oh, to be in their chairs so to speak.

"You would certainly win a Gold Medal!" DL broke in, attempting her own pumping.

But it was no contest even though DL was much better at it than PP who gave up after a few feeble attempts. She was just too exhausted after her chaotic swim with Giant Side Stroke Man and Splashy Thinks He's in the Olympics Cuz of his Groovy Suit Man. Swimming sandwiched in between them had not only tried her endurance, but also her patience. Sometimes, all she wanted to do was swim! Dodging large white feet in their sidestroke rhythm was a trial!

"It would be a most popular event!" BPW concluded, rising to collect her towel and head off to the showers.

PP shook her head.
Yes. A most popular event!

Now how to get it into the next Olympics?

Readers? Any ideas?


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