Utopian Gyrations

"It was wildly unexpected!" DL murmured as PP unlocked the Geo's door for her.

Nodding, PP started to giggle. "Yes it certainly was," as she recalled their recent Utopian Experience.

One would think, after 50 long years, that PP had seen it all. Esp. since she's frequented gyms, saunas and pools at such wide range. Yet nothing in her past life, the life before she saw Them, had prepared her for this moment.

It was as if They had a life of their own. And judging from DL's expression on the other side of the sauna, her dark eyes wide with wondrous mirth behind her wire-rimmed glasses, PP was not alone in her astonishment.

How can PP even describe what she saw before her? Directly in the line of her sight. Only a mere 2 to 3 feet in front of her? PP didn't even pretend not to stare. If she could have. Which she couldn't.

For right before her eyes, in all their perfect bouncing glory, were two astonishing gyrating breasts circling before her in wild abandon. They were actually attached to, or did belong to, a beautiful (of course) Asian woman who sat cross-legged on the bench above PP's. At first, PP didn't notice her at all. Or the fact that she was somehow pressing her palms together in concentrated 'exercises'. All she saw were the Bouncing Breasts. Lively. Roundly. And well...PP is going to lose her breath and get a tad dizzy even writing about them!

Finally,after several minutes of trying not to exchange astonished glances with DL (unsuccessfully) she blurted out something stupid like, as only PP can do, "How do you do THAT?"
Whereupon, Gyrating Breast Woman paused, smiled beatifically over at PP and then began to demonstrate with a calm lecture to accompany.
"You stretch your arms out like this." She did. PP tried to watch her pale arms reach out in front of her, though this took an effort.
"Then you place your palms together and press." She did. And the consequences were astounding. The breasts immediately began their wild gyrations.

PP tried it. Glancing down at her own measly mammaries, she started to giggle. "I'm somehow not getting quite the same Effect as you!"
DL started cracking up, glancing at her own more impressive pair as she too tried the exercise, while a woman above her, followed suit. No one was able to master the Breast Gyration in quite the same astonishing mammary manner as their Teacher.

Frowning, Breast Teacher glanced around the sauna at her hopeful students. "Try not to focus on your arm muscles. Just put your palms together and press."

She again commenced with the Wondrous Breast Gyration.
Her students, earnest in their attempts, tried again, this time with a bit more success, esp DL and the Woman above her. PP thought her lack of success had more to do with size than technique. But maybe not.

"That's it!" BT beamed, her tiny diamond crossed earrings dangling in rhythm to her pumping. The women all grinned. Now they had it!
"You feel the Breast Muscle?" she asked.
"OH, yes!" they exclaimed.
"I didn't even know I had one!" DL laughed, her eyes shinning in breast delight.
PP was getting a bit better; she'd accomplished one or two hopeful pumps, her small mounds jumping in quick accordance, but it was no comparison.

BT was a Goddess!

And they were all her subjects! Worshipping her from above and below. It was all they could do to keep breathing. And pumping. And giggling.

Though this last one was easier, it's true!

So, later, when DL and PP climbed into the Geo, still shaking their heads at the amazing breast manipulation that a properly placed palm can accomplish, DL's comment about it being 'wildly unexpected' was a vast understatement.

Yet it would have to do. At least for now. Or at least until PP comes up with something better.

Which she doubts is possible. Unless of course It happens again when next they visit Utopia.

They can only hope. Until then, PP is gonna practice her breast exercises. You never know, maybe with practice, it'll be one more subject she can teach.

NOW THAT would be wildly unexpected!


Kronos Gallery said…
Funniest post yet! Undoubtedly your pool will be inundated with the wildly undulating breast pumpers seekers to learn this amazing technique. Perhaps there is a fortune to be made here merely from charging admission to the opposite sex…Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Anonymous said…
And then there's the famous song, "Bounce Your Boobies". You can find in on Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube.
poetowen said…
O, to be a fly on THAT wall!

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