Utopian Gyrations Take 2

“I was very intrigued…..” Breast Exerciser Woman was back, or shall PP say Front? For of course, as soon as she entered the sauna, she began her Breast Pumping. Once again, PP tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare. Though this time, since she’d witnessed the extraordinary mammary gyrations previously, she was not quite so spellbound.

Well, maybe a little.

“….I heard the two of you talking the other day….”

“They’re always talking!” She’s A Type exclaimed, shaking her head as she pulled out a nail file and began to scour away at the heels of her right foot. PP tried not to watch. It was kinda gross actually. The things women did, in complete unabashed abandon in the sauna, still struck her sometimes.

The Breast Pumping. This she could handle.
The filing of the foot.
Not so much.

Breast Exerciser Woman ignored SAT’s comment, continuing with her observation. “When I heard you talking the other day, I thought to myself. You have such interesting lives! One of you is married to a doctor. The other one, she has lost her memory, but her husband, he is so kind, he will be patient and help. But then….” BEW shifted her legs under her sturdy bottom, crossing them for optimum sitting up breast pumping efficiency. Began pumping away anew. “….I realize. You are talking about a movie. It is not really your lives!”

DL and PP crack up. She must have heard them discussing in earnest sincerity the ups and downs of the characters on All My Children. Though PP couldn’t think whom they’d been talking about that was married to a doctor. Of course, Jessie Hubbard, Pine Valley’s Chief of Police is married to Dr. Angela Hubbard, also known, at least to PP, as Stupid Angie, but PP didn’t think that they’d been talking about these two. They were so goddamn boring! Maybe BEW was making up her own soap opera?

SAT nodded. Authoritative. She watches AMC too, and knows all about the characters and their situations. “Yeah, they musta been talking about how they each have a twin….”

DL chimed in. “And the twins have amnesia!”

“And they just ran over the nefarious Richie Novak with Colby’s brand new Ferrari that she got for her 18th birthday from Daddy, Adam Chandler, but got away with it cause Adam Chandler has at least 12 judges in his back pocket!” PP exclaimed.

BEW frowned, her breasts jumping with renewed vigor. Maybe when she’s confused, the energy increases in her palm response, resulting in bigger and better rounded jiggles?

PP liked this idea, and was trying to think of something else to say to confuse her to test out the theory.

Experimentation in Utopia. Hypotheses to prove. Who would have ever thought the YMCA would be the spawning ground for such profound intellectual inquiry?

“12 judges in back pocket?” BEW echoed, her voice puzzled, her breasts gyrating at a terrific pace.

“Oh, that’s just an expression,” SAT asserted. “It means that he can buy off the powers that be and get his daughter off the hook.”

PP glanced over at DL, whose dark eyes were laughing. It was all too hilarious in Utopia. PP really had to write a book about it. Well, she guesses, in a sense that she is here in her blog. DL, on the other hand, wants to make a documentary.

This would be better. Esp. when BEW’s scene came up.

The door to the sauna opened, and one of the Handsome Middle-Aged Ethiopian women entered, plopping down, just as DL and PP got up to leave. She glanced around, smiling shyly, as she settled on the bench below BEW, her eyes naturally moving to the astonishing exercises still being performed.

PP giggled. “She can teach you how to do that!” nodding toward the Bouncing Ones.
Dutifully, HMAEW glanced down at her own brown set, then placed her palms together and commenced to exercise, her previously relaxed mammaries now off and running.

She was a natural, PP thought. No lessons needed at all!

Shaking her head in wondrous delight, PP grinned, as as she followed DL out of the sauna to shower off.


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