Clear Lake? (It's not!)

PP loved their little cabin at Indian Beach Resort! The front porch afforded a fine view of the other visitors--serious, hardworking fishermen and women; an exhausted mom and her exuberant son playing ping pong; a stupid Dad riding his kid's training wheel bike.

If only the Lake hadn't been quite so cold! But more on this later...

PP decides to brave the Lake in the morning before the sun rises too high and too hot. But her decision is not without trepidation....

Hah! PP surprises herself with the morning Lake Swim. It's cold, yes. But smooth and green and other-worldly. Maybe she can become more of a lake swimmer after all? (Though she'll never compare to the Lovely I's Lake Swimming passion! Why the LI even has special dresses to wear to Lake Anza before she swims. Now that's a True Lake Swimmer!) PP is herself, obviously a pool swimmer, but her first love is the ocean. She so misses plunging into the waves at 17th Street or Moonlight Beach, the salty water rushing past her in frothy delicious abandon.

The lake swim is just the opposite. Nary a movement. It's murky greenness showing her pale white arm in eerie ghostly silhouette.

Lake swimming. It's an alternative to the pool and the ocean. But for PP, it's just that--an alternative. Not a replacement. Oh, if only she could return to the sea at Waikiki!

A last look at the lake. It is beautiful. Maybe next time they'll camp at this lovely overlook. But for now, PP will stick to the cabin. With the cable T.V., passable shower, and 3 queen size beds!


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