That Sparkle in Her Eye....

“I would give up my career for snowboarding!”

Unable to keep her jaw from dropping, PP stares at Woman with the Beautiful Breasts in rapt astonishment. For the past 10 minutes or so, she’d been going on and on and on about how much she LOVED LOVED LOVED snowboarding and PP, hating the snow and actually any sport that involved ‘adventure’ musta had a look of perplexed incredulity on her mug even though DL was going along with the snowboard rhapsodizing but this coulda just been cuz of WBB breasts, and yeah hell, PP knows that it’s politically incorrect to be ogling & writing about breasts all the time, but she’d been sharing a lane with this woman every Wednesday night for the last 6 months and the cleavage underwater show was motivating to say the least, so this night, when finally PP had time to engage her in Hot Tube chit chat and WBB went gaga crazy about Snowboarding, PP was suitably delighted.

Beautiful Breasts and a Daredevil! Hell, no wonder she liked swimming with her.

But the comment about giving up her career for snowboarding? PP had to wonder what the hell kinda career she had that she wouldn’t consider giving it up for anything? Hell, PP would give up her career for snowboarding and she hates the snow!

So she had to wonder, was there some fatal flaw in the otherwise charmingly endowed BB Woman that caused her to ‘love’ her career?

Now, PP realizes that there are those strange sorts that swear they love their careers. Why look at all Demi Moore sacrificed for her 'career' in Flawless! No husband, no kids, no Betty Crocker bakeoffs! She was all about 'getting to the top' in the Nasty Man's World of The Diamond Corporation. And then, when she got passed over for promotion after promomtion, well, she got HER revenge.

But this was in the movies.

In Real Life, PP just doesn’t buy it. How could anyone love going to work? How could anyone rather work than go to the pool? How could anyone wanna devote their life to a career rather than watch All My Children? How could anyone want to sacrifice their time to have a ‘career’ over, hell, staring at the walls?

Yet, WBB seemed genuinely sincere about her claim to give up her career for snowboarding. And she had it all worked out. She’d get up at around 10. Have some breakfast, then be on the slopes, snowboarding up a storm from about 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when she’d come back to the lodge, happy and exhausted, for a rest and a nap.

Hell, that sounded pretty damn good to PP! (And everyone else in the hot tub!)

But PP had to ask, after a moment’s pause, “What kind of career to do you have that you’re so enamored of it that you wouldn’t want to give it up even for this great passion of snowboarding?”
WBB gave PP a steady look and then a big beautiful smile, “I work with at risk drug addicted felons in the prison system as a counselor.”

”Wow!” PP nods, thinking no wonder you wanna go snowboarding! “That sounds intense!”
“Yeah, it is. And yeah, I know that a big part of what I do is just handing out bandages, but hell, it’s what I do and it’s often all I can do!” She shrugs and sighs and PP thinks about what degrees she must have. At least a Master’s in Psych probably, and maybe even some sort of medical degree too?

Hell, maybe WBB could help PP out with some of her students at WWU? Though often they need more than bandages to fix their papers!

DL’s eyes, wide after the career divulgence, smiled across the hot tub over at PP, who knew DL was probably adding up WBB’s education and interests in a more exact and analytical manner than PP was capable of, cause she was a more politically astute and educationally aware of what it takes to have one of these ‘careers’ in the Bay Area. And sure enough, when later they were walking back to the Geo, their heads still swimming with the Hot Tub WBB Event, DL had rattled off WBB’s credentials, with the requisite MFFT or some such initials that go in front of the Masters degree or is it after the Master’s degree?

See, PP has no clue.

But she and DL had the same overall assessment:
WBB was Adventurous. Gorgeous. Educated. And Committed!


No wonder PP was dubious about the giving up her career for her passion. It was all just too good to believe. Were there really people like her out there? In the world? Who cared about other people THAT much?

PP, the cynic that she is, had her doubts, but then again, after chatting with WBB and seeing the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about snowboarding and then the same sparkle when telling about the prisoners she helped and PP couldn’t really discern a Sparkle Difference between the two topics, she had to think, yeah, okay, there are few people that LOVE their careers.

It was just a mystery to PP.

She’d always rather just swim and write than do anything else.

And, of course, maybe this is what BBW was talking about when she said she’d give up her ‘career’ for snowboarding.

Would PP give up swimming and writing for snowboarding?

She thinks you all know the answer to THAT one, now don’t ya?


Anonymous said…
I'd certainly give up payroll for tennis--duh! As always--enjoy the blog.-Lauriecat

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