She's a Type

She is a Type. You know her. Serious, very, serious, Swimmer. Swims two miles twice a week. Concerned. Very Concerned. For hers and everyone else’s welfare. Advice. Lots and lots of Advice. About anti-chlorine suits. (Speedo makes one that says ‘chlorine resistant’ right on the label!) Chlorine stripping shampoos. (Neutrogena and Paul Friedman, while a little more expensive than PP’s Anti Chlorine Brand, are gentler and better for your hair. And PP, suddenly, well maybe not so suddenly, has LONG hair. So. Designer Shampoo for her? Not too likely, but you never know. PP could go against Her Type once it awhile. )

She’s had a “Health Issue”—yes, haven’t we all. This one is mysterious and generic all at the same time. Something to do with the skin? The breasts? The brain?

It doesn’t really matter. It’s an Issue. But it’s been dealt with in a no-nonsense practical sort of way. But it’s still there. Underlying her reality.
And yours. If you happen to chat with her in the locker room. The hot tub. At the side of the pool, hanging out waiting to see what manifests itself in circle swim hell.

But she’s likable, for all of her Seriousness. She’s warm. She’s genuinely caring. Or so it seems when she makes her recommendations. Introduces herself. Shakes your hand firmly.

Tells you you smell good?

Okay, maybe this is where it all starts.
With smell. And lord knows, PP has been through this one before. It’s so sexy. Scent is, isn’t it? And in the locker room, all the women comfortably naked, dressing, undressing, lotioning and scenting up.

Please do NOT use Scented Product in the Locker room” the signage at the Y threatens, “For consideration of those with Environmental Sensibilities.”

Hell, PP wishes more women would use those Scented Products—makes the Environment so much nicer.

So when PP had sat down next to Super Swimmer’s locker, (before she showed up) to put on her shoes and socks, and SS had commented on how “You smell good” to PP, and PP, shyly had joked that it must be the chlorine and SS had shaken her head and asserted, STRONGLY of course, That NO. It’s not the Chlorine. She knows what the chlorine smells like. She swims two miles twice a week and the chlorine is Hell on her skin and hair. Well, PP just has to take the compliment with a smile. And it’s nice. Even though SS isn’t really her type. It’s okay. Everyone can use an admirer or two.

Is an Admirer a Type too? Of course! There are certainly those that fulfill this role. SS's role isn’t this exclusively, but she can shift back to her Serious Issue Concern Athlete Type effortlessly.

And isn’t this what makes people so interesting, PP muses banally? And isn’t this just what Carrie claimed at the end of the Fabulous Sex and the City Movie? That we’re all types. Carrie is the Romantic Writer. Charlotte is the Conservative Wifey. Miranda is the Complicated Lawyer. And Samantha? (PP’s personal favorite!) She’s the Slutty Fun One! (Don’t we all wish we could be Samantha if even for just one day? Hell, PP does! Why lusting after Dante’s Dick in the shower would be reason enough for her!)

So, when Serious Swimmer calls after PP as she heads out of the locker room. “See you next Month!” , PP has to pause for a moment and grin. It was May 31. Of course, when next PP sees her it will be the next month.

A joke? Yeah. A lame joke, but a joke nevertheless.

And so the Type can surprise you.

Cuz who woulda thought that SS would have made such a silly joke to a new acquaintance?

See. Types surprise you.

And after all, isn’t this what Carrie’s end of the movie musing is all about?


Anonymous said…
I like Samantha the best too. She has integrity--those other girls were all wimpy. It was a fun movie though. Thea and I went to see it--wish you had been with us!

Kronos Gallery said…
Ahh..........those Shalimar Summers...I remember them well...

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