Where to start? PP’s head is still swimming!

Maybe she should start with her technical difficulties surrounding the goddamn PowerPoint presentation snafu at WWU?

She did find the ‘Zero Footprint’; she did not find the Black Tower.
Maybe this was the problem?

And then, once at the YMCA, working out on the Torture Machines, DL arrived, expressing her amazement at PP’s adeptness at the new kneeling machine.
But when PP tried to show, DL…..

And then……

“HEY!!!! DON’T Y’ALL GO BREAKING MY MACHINES!!!” bellowed across the gym.

DL was mortified. PP was stricken. Tony was only concerned about his goddamned machines and not DL’s safety!

Maybe PP should put him in the Black Tower.

Then, finally after a lovely swim in the warm velvet water, PP entered the Hot Tub Arena, only to come upon Tornado of Estrogen Induced? Consternation. Damn! Where to even start with this? Diabetes Woman was shrieking at the top of her lungs inside Utopia. PP couldn’t hear what her exact words were, but the upset was palpable.

Floating in the Hot Tub, the perturbed looking Smells Like Roasted Chicken woman was frowning. Was she the Object of DW’s wrath?

20 Minute Fin Woman sat on the edge of the tub watching as DL and PP climbed in, her eyes wide with concern. SLRC Woman gave DL and PP a cursory goodnight before heaving herself out of the tub, leaving 20 MFW to try to explain.

“They have the oil. They go in the Hot Tub. The oil it is on the skin. The oil it come off. She no have Oil.”

PP and DL nod. PP has Zero Footprint understanding of this explanation. Maybe SLRC needs to go in the Black Tower too?

Later, PP tries to ask DW in person. She is so upset. Standing in the Locker room, putting on her golden gloves to rub in the oil.

“What happened?” PP asks.
“She think I have Oil on me! I have no Oil. I always clean.”
“We appreciate that!” 20 Minute Fin Woman calls out over her shoulder from the tub.
“I see Her. She no shower. She go in tub. She say I no Clean. It make me so angry. I am 50 year old!!!”

DW shakes her head in disgust as she turns away from PP and stalks into Utopia.

What happened?

DL asks DW too. Gets the same run down as PP, but her powers of interpretation are so much better than PP’s. Must be that Poet Thing. They’re good at imagery and inference. PP doesn’t know what this has to do with anything, but it sounds good.

“Did you understand?” PP asks after DW finishes the story again for DL, as they head out of the locker room and up the stairs.
“I think it has to do with someone putting Goop on and then getting in the Hot Tub and then DW was blamed for this, but she always washes the Goop off, but she told someone else, I don’t know who, to take a shower cuz the Goop can do us harm you know soak into our skin cause of the Hot Tub…..

DL’s voice trails off.

PP starts to laugh. “That clarifies it. Thanks.”

Chuckling, DL holds the door open as a gust of wind whips off Broadway.

“IT was a Girl Fight!”

Oh, yeah….
And girls will fight. Especially if they can’t find the Zero Footprint, the Goop Police admonishes them, or they get confused trying to find the Black Tower!


Anonymous said…
Ok so the goop-girlfight was a hilarious distraction, but that Black Tower mystery of the title, and with a photo in some desert mystewry scene that looks like some alien visitation perhaps, and in the likeness of a black tower Cat no less... um, well, it's a mystery that entrances this cat like only a cat can be entranced, eager to pounce on some captured understanding ... of the mystery...
J said…
I didn't know that all of this poetic activity is happening at the Y. The Girlfight (one of my favorite films) provided us with lots of alliteration (Goop, Girlfight) and the imagery of the black tower, two women screaming at each other in the hot tub, velvet water in the pool, those crazy gold (?) gloves that one of the women wore to put oil on her skin....literary heaven!

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