Standing in front of the mirror, drying her hair, PP sees her stop and stare, then continue on behind her.
What now? she wonders. PP’s so tired of all of her unforeseen transgressions at the YMCA, as the Petite Asian Woman stops again, this time right next to her, a slow wondrous smile breaking out on her pockmarked face.

Pointing at PP’s hair (Is it all about the Hair? Yes it is!), PAW nods in quick enthusiastic jerks, her own straight dark hair divided into two stubby pig tails. “Beautiful…..” she murmurs, as PP dries another golden curl through her fingers, the dryer blowing it romantically across her hand.

Feeling a little sheepish since she’d been expecting the worst, suspecting some sort of abomination she’d committed while hair drying, PP turns around to give PAW a quick smile, “Thank you,” she beams, relieved.

Of course it’s the Hair, remembering how when she was teaching in China she was the local Circus Freak with her blonde hair and blue eyes, everyone always stopping and staring in fascination and disbelief.

But here in Oakland, don’t the sweet Chinese ladies see plenty of blonde hair?

You’d think so, but maybe not. Or at least, it’s still so unusual and unreal and ‘beautiful’ that such locks still garner stares of unabashed appreciation.

See. It all depends on your point of view, doesn’t it?

One YMCA member HATES her hair; (see previous blog) while another one LOVES it.

Finally, someone gets just how beautiful PP is.

And it’s all because of her HAIR, what else?


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