Pink Shark Lady

“I got to chat with Pink Shark Lady again,” DL grins shyly as PP sinks into the welcoming warmth of the hot tub. Nodding, she eyes DL.
“She is such a Sweet Heart,” DL continues, beaming. “And I discovered something about her….”
Giggling, PP grins, “What?”
“She’s a triathlete!”

“Really? Wow….”
“Yeah, so no wonder she has Those Legs,” DL would blush if she weren’t Italian.
“That explains it,” PP agrees.

They’d met Pink Shark Lady a couple of weeks ago while trying to get outta the Y before beautiful Tibetan Woman gave them the Evil Eye. “You Ladies almost Finished?”
PSL was wrapping up her situation, throwing in her wet suit, goggles, and other paraphernalia into her bag. PP didn’t notice at first, but DL did. “OHMYGOD! PP! Look at her gym bag! It’s a Pink Shark!”
PSL beamed proudly, “Yup.”
“Cool!” PP exclaimed, coveting the pink shark like nobody’s business. “Where did you get it?”
”Oh, I got it in Miami. Had it for years now. She’s my trusty companion.”
They all giggled, delighted.
Miami must be such a place, PP thought. She’s always wanted to visit. Bets that there’s lots of excellent pools and beach swimming there.
Though watch out for the sharks!

Tonight, though, in the Hot Tub, DL is thrilled to learn that PSL’s lanky strong form results from her Triathlete Practice. “And she was telling me how she didn’t get up this morning at her usual 5 a.m. 5 a.m! Can you even imagine?”

PP shook her head. No she couldn’t and she didn’t want to.

“So she was telling me how she had to cut her workout down to 5 100’s on the 1….” DL stops, shakes her head. “I had no idea what she was talking about. Do you know?”
“Yeah,” PP sighed. Gone were her days of swimming sets on the 1 minute, but hell, she did have a vague recollection of these kinds of workouts that she explained to DL.
“Oh. Well, anyway, I just had to shake my head and explain how I’m not really a swimmer. I guess she thought I was since I’m always here with you….”
“Maybe Pink Shark Lady will inspire you?” PP teased.

Again, blushing if it were possible, DL smiled shyly. “Yeah, maybe….”

But PP knew that DL wasn’t gonna jump in the pool anytime soon, even though PSL was a ‘Sweet Heart’ “She would’ve talked to me all night if we’d had time….”
“I bet!”
Grinning, PP climbed out of the Hot Tub and headed for Utopia, DL following in a spacey PSL daze.

Italian Women, you gotta love ‘em, especially if there’s a Pink Shark Lady round to get them all Hot and Bothered.

And so, Pink Shark Lady did inspire DL here, Poet Extraordinaire that she is:

Fast tough swimmer, a lady
arms in lithe movement through pool
Olympian legs in locker room
safe voice sudden tickle
we exclaim:
pink shark, a lady!


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