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Under Construction

Since PP's home and office have been subject to much odious and heinous Demolition (the back decks behind her bedroom/office are the subject of this 'project'), she's been unable to write or think for the last week.

Of course, the only recourse she's had is to escape to the pool, so there will be many pool stories, but for now, she's just gonna tease you with the titles:

The Lovely I Rescues a Lovely Ladybug
What!? No Babies?
Where's the Turtle?
All you have to do is Focus
How do you make it look so easy?

and many more....

^**^ ~stay tuned~ ^**^

Pink Shark Lady

“I got to chat with Pink Shark Lady again,” DL grins shyly as PP sinks into the welcoming warmth of the hot tub. Nodding, she eyes DL.
“She is such a Sweet Heart,” DL continues, beaming. “And I discovered something about her….”
Giggling, PP grins, “What?”
“She’s a triathlete!”

“Really? Wow….”
“Yeah, so no wonder she has Those Legs,” DL would blush if she weren’t Italian.
“That explains it,” PP agrees.

They’d met Pink Shark Lady a couple of weeks ago while trying to get outta the Y before beautiful Tibetan Woman gave them the Evil Eye. “You Ladies almost Finished?”
PSL was wrapping up her situation, throwing in her wet suit, goggles, and other paraphernalia into her bag. PP didn’t notice at first, but DL did. “OHMYGOD! PP! Look at her gym bag! It’s a Pink Shark!”
PSL beamed proudly, “Yup.”
“Cool!” PP exclaimed, coveting the pink shark like nobody’s business. “Where did you get it?”
”Oh, I got it in Miami. Had it for years now. She’s my trusty companion.”
They all giggled, delighted.
Miami must b…

More Hawaii Pics

What's DHBF doing? Taking any and all ideas.

Of course, we all know what PP is doing--posing beach beauty that she is!

If only PP could stay under this palm tree, gazing out at Waikiki, forever and ever and ever....

Doris Day at the Pool

“Que Sera, Sera…
Whatever will be, will be…
The future’s not ours to see
Que Sera, sera…
What will be, will be….”

Doris Day’s voice echoed heartily through the pool auditorium. Imagine PP’s delight upon entering!

Spying the water workout ladies bouncing in their shower caps, their leader energetically waving her hands to Doris’ song, blue bandanna covering her hair, wired rimmed glasses perched on her nose, her followers grinning blissfully to the beat of the music, PP watches in awed amazement. As she sits on the edge of the deck, beaming to herself, she thinks of how the Oakland Y is just the most surprising place on earth.

Doris Day at the Pool? How cool is that?

Doris doesn’t seem to mind not being in control, so why sweat it? Though frankly, PP doesn’t think Doris is as Zen as all that. In all her movies, she’s always meddling and fussing and causing a ruckus with Tony Randall or Rock Hudson or whatever Male Hunk she’s paired with. Doris doesn’t really embrace the idea of “ What will b…

What would Dante have done? (Part II) Dear Readers, please read the previous blog first--Dante in Paradise--4 14 08--for optimum sequential enjoyment

“Have you seen the Pool Key?” PP shrieked, gritting her teeth as she rifled through Cindy’s various containers full of stuff. Coffee cans full of receipts, Cosco cards, pencils, Hello Kitty note pads.

Alas, no Pool Key. Damn!

“You can’t find the key?” Dashingly Handsome BF scratched his head in bemused jet lag wonder.
“No. I can’t find the key. And I need to go to the pool!”

PP turned upside down the flat basket on the kitchen counter. Tossed aside all the stuff that was not a pool key. “Where the hell is it?” she demanded. “I can’t believe it’s not here! Cindy knows how important it is. It’s not like her to not leave it. Usually it’s right here….and….” PP started to run out of complaining steam, the jet lag, lack of coffee and Pool Access Frustration taking their toll.

“Are you sure that it’s not here?”
“YES! I’m sure it’s not here. And I need to…..”
“I know I know. You need to go to the pool. Well, you may just have to go later and….”

Dante’s Hell in Paradise

Slumping her head against the warm metal bars, PP tried to keep back the tears of frustrated disbelief. How the hell could this be happening? Here she was. Her first day in Paradise. Jet lagged and in need of caffeine sustenance, but never mind. She was gonna wake up early, before the 10 a.m. sun curfew, and go for a swim in Cindy’s Perfect Paradise Pool.

She’d scouted the kitchen counter for the weird pool key, which looked like a credit card, but was only good for the pool. She knew what it looked like, but couldn’t locate it. Yet the paradise pool was calling her on this first morning in Hawaii and damn it, she was gonna climb the fence for a swim if need be.

If only she’d known!

Grabbing another card, that was the same shape, and a similar blue color, PP knew it probably wasn’t right, but she headed out the condo door into the balmy fragrance of Oahu anyway. Coo cooo’s of the morning doves greeted her (Where’s the Poool?….Where’s the Pooool? Where’s the Pooool?) as the gentle breeze…

Wild Waikiki--Part II

Dear Readers,

This is the second part of yesterday's blog, so if you haven't read Part I, it's best (for the narrative flow and suspense!) to begin with the April 7th Entry first. Then pretend like you've been waiting with baited breath for the last 24 hours to find out what the BIG mystery is all about, okay?

She basked on the hot sandy beach in splendid voluptuous glory.

Of course, PP didn’t realize this when she first saw her, lying behind the yellow crime tape roping off her section of the beach. DHBF had halted, pointing, “Did you see her from your swim?”
PP shook her head, her immediate thought being that the enormous sandy brown shape was a dead seal. She was so motionless. Catching her breath, PP turned toward DHBF, “Is it alive?”
“Oh, yeah. She’s definitely alive. Have you ever seen a Monk Seal before?”
”No, can’t say I have. But she’s so still….” PP’s voice trailed off, still worried about the large beast. Hell, she’d heard of heavy sleepers, but this Monk Seal be…

Waikiki Welcome

With the first stroke into the welcoming blue sea of Waikiki, PP knows she’s in paradise. What is it about the ocean in Hawaii? Of course, there’s the perfect 82 or so degree temp, then there’s the amazing crystal clarity of the water, but it’s more than this.

She floats along so easily in Waikiki. It’s like the water gently ushers her through its welcoming embrace.

Hell, that sounds like a lover, doesn’t it?

Well, for PP, the waters of Waikiki are so sexy. If she could, she’d never leave their warm caresses.

Okay, enough mushiness. You get the idea—Waikiki is PP’s swimming Paradise. And on this day, swimming out beyond the gently breaking waves to glide over the coral fisheries, PP grins as she reaches out to almost touch a crowded school of adorable yellow and black striped zebra angelfish. This is surely their official name. Or maybe not. In Hawaiian, they’re most probably called aaaaalooouuulllaaapppaaaoooiiieeeee fish….

What is it with the Hawaiian language? So many vowels, so few c…

Wild in Waikiki!

How much fun does PP have in Waikiki?

You can imagine!

Stories soon!

Till then, enjoy her flexibility fins!