Sugar on Top

Standing for a moment under the hot spray of the shower, PP let the water pound down on her tired head. Damn she was spent! The swim had been hard (She’d had to share a lane with Serious Swimmer Looking at her Sports’ Watch Constantly Woman, who’d been of course, serious and splashy; her mask had leaked; the time was late (now 9:45 p.m.) and though it was always a delight to go to the Y with her Sexy Italian Lesbian Poet Buddy, DL, PP was wiped out as she stood in the spacey warmth of the shower.

DL had already finished her shower, pattering off to get dressed. Muttered something about where her locker was tonight which PP didn’t quite catch. But since DL had left the shower next to her, PP could now see a beautiful Chinese woman soaping up at the end shower. Her dark hair covered in suds, her long arms delicately massaging her scalp, her firm flat belly sudsy and sexy, her long legs….....PP’ s eyes surreptitiously followed the length of those legs and lo and behold…..

She had goddamn spike heels on in the shower!

Can you even believe it?

Where the hell was DL?

PP was beside herself with incredulous sensual delight. The spikes were high! At least 4 inches. They were those girly stilettos with the little straps on the top of the foot and sparkles of rhinestones down the heel and of course, she was completely naked. So there she stood, soapy water running down her beautiful pale form with the suds collecting in little puddles around the sparkly spikes of her stilettos.

Fantasy was reality at the YMCA showers!

“DL!!!!” PP shouted out. She couldn’t help herself. She had to get DL here quick to witness such an exquisite shower spectacle. Why the hell would High Heel Woman even wear her stilettos in the shower, she wondered. Like she didn’t have any flip flops or those ugly plastic holey shows that everyone wore, and she didn’t want to step on the gross locker room floor, but she did have her stilettos on hand, so why not? They were water proof right?


PP didn’t really care why HHW was wearing the stilettos in the shower; she just wanted to get DL over to the shower as quick as possible to see it.

“DDDDLLLL!!!!” she hollered again; this time more loudly. But no answer. Damn. Well, too bad. PP had to rinse her suit out, go to the bathroom, and get dressed before the beautiful Vietnamese Clerk from upstairs booted them out. No time to find DL now.

So PP just resigned herself to not sharing the fantasy in reality with DL and went to get dressed, but not before spying DL in the row of lockers next to hers and telling her the story.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” DL exclaimed after hearing PP’s High Heel shower story. “I can’t believe I missed it. Damn. I’m slipping!” Her eyes wide with sparkly delight. Her grin bigger than a Lesbian Cheshire Cat.

“Yeah. It is too bad,” PP agreed. “She was really quite something.”
DL just shook her head.
PP giggled, went to the mirror to brush the tangles out but not before spying HHW in the row of lockers next to hers. Naturally, she was dressed now, in tight blue jeans and some willowy blouse, but she still had the all purpose high heels on.
“Pssssssttt…..DL,” PP ran over to her friend. “She’s in the next aisle if you want to see the shoes.”
DL’s eyes grew wide in lascivious anticipation, as she nodded surreptitiously and strode not at all inconspicuously around the lockers.


“They’re PINK!!!!” DL exclaimed.
PP nodded. She hadn’t noticed this detail, only the rhinestones. But of course, DL would notice the femmy colored aspect of the stilettos.
“Yeah?” PP giggled. “I didn’t notice. I just saw the rhinestones.”
“That too! I can’t believe I didn’t see her in the shower. Damn!”
“But you went to look at her now.”
“And did you notice I circled her twice?”
“So you’re definitely redeemed!”
“Am I?”

Later, PP and DL were walking out of the Y, through the demolished construction zone that used to be the front lobby, DL still shaking her head in amazement as they discussed HHW.
“It’s like a little bit of sugar on top,” DL quipped.
PP giggled. “Oh yeah.”
“....and maybe on the Bottom too!” DL giggled, suddenly shy but not being able to help her sexy self from imagining the scrumptious possibilities of …..

High Heels in the Shower?

If only PP could pull off such a feet. (Pun intended)


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